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Print Embossing

Print embossing, also known as print chop or print marking, is used in fine art printing to identify the artist and usually appears in the margins of the prints. It is a mark that demonstrates that the print is an original or edition print by the artist.

We have our own Image Science studio mark that we can emboss on prints if desired. Having this mark on your print certifies to your clients that your prints have been prepared and hand checked by print makers using only the absolute highest quality processes and materials available in the world today.  But generally speaking it's better to use your own custom mark, if you can.

The mark is usually placed in the lower left hand corner of the page, but can also be placed under or in the printed image (anywhere within about 8cm from the paper edge). Much like a watermark, it does not draw attention to itself but is present to subtly show to clients that all care has been taken in the production of the print.

Jason Edwards - Chop Mark
Jason Edwards - Chop Mark

Alternatively, the typical approach is to have your own chop mark plates made.

The fee to have a set of plates made is approximately $500 inc GST. They are designed for marking around 300gsm fine art paper, but work well with paper anywhere from around 180gsm to 400 gsm (500 even, at a pinch and with some practise) - and even with other materials like canvas as well. They are circular, with a diameter of 48mm, and we suggest a mark of around 3cm diameter within this which will be suitable for marking prints of A3 and above in size, and even A4 if sufficient white space is left on the page.

The embosser we use (older plates) is a Justrite Long Reach Embosser.  For newer plates (made from 2022 on) we use the Shiny Extra Long Reach Embosser.  

In Australia, these have been carried locally here (Roeszler Engraving) .  You will need to liaise with them to have your plates made up to the correct specifications - and note that you need metal, not plastic, plates for the thicker fine art papers we use.   Make sure you mention the press they need to be for.  They will be able to supply artwork specifications etc.  In general you want simple shapes, without sharp edges, but discuss all this directly with them.  Note - you do not generally need to buy the press, unless you need one for yourself - you can just have the plates made.  Of course, it's possible that you might later want your own press, and it's not unheard of for a press to become available, so buying your own press is a good idea if you can spare the funds, as the idea is the plates last for life.  The brass plates work well with all the fine art papers we offer here.

The suppliers are:

Roeszlers Engraving - contact them via: [email protected] or on (03) 9696 1717 -

Once we have your metal embossing plates stored here we can then mark your prints as we make them.  We do not charge for this extra service currently, but might add a nominal fee in the future to cover the extra time/handling. 

This all, of course, works very well with our Store and Print Service & Drop Shipping.