Print Embossing

Print embossing, also known as print chop or print marking, is used in fine art printing to identify the artist and usually appears in the margins of the prints. It is a mark that demonstrates that the print is an original or edition print by the artist.

We have our own Image Science mark that we can emboss on prints if required. Having this mark on your print certifies to your clients that your prints have been prepared and hand checked by print makers using only the absolute highest quality processes and materials available in the world today.

It is usually placed in the lower left hand corner of the page, but can also be placed under or in the printed image (anywhere within about 8cm from the paper edge). Much like a watermark, it does not draw attention to itself but is present to subtly show to clients that all care has been taken in the production of the print.

Jason Edwards - Chop Mark
Jason Edwards - Chop Mark

We can also facilitate the production of your own embossing plate for use with our press here. The embossing plates we use are made from brass and very robust - they should last a lifetime. 

The fee to have a set of plates made is approximately $550 inc GST. They are designed for marking 300gsm fine art paper, but work well with paper 200gsm and up, and with other materials like canvas as well. They are circular, with a diameter of 48mm, and we suggest a mark of around 3cm square in size within this which will be suitable for marking prints of A3 and above in size, and even A4 if sufficient white space is left on the page.

To have your own embossing seal made, you will need to supply appropriate artwork in black and white TIF format, (use the Photoshop template file attached for help setting this up). It's best to stay away from the edges, and avoid too many sharp corners. Once we have your artwork the plate makers will review it for suitability and let you know if they expect any issues with your design before they make the chop.

Once we have your embossing plate stored here we can then mark your prints as we make them for you for only $2 per sheet print or $5 per roll print to cover the extra time and handling. This of course works very well with our Store and Print Service.