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Ink Expiry on Epson Printers

16th September 2015 Printing

IMPORTANT: This is just advice. To be clear - it is entirely at your own risk if you choose to use expired ink.

We've never heard of anyone having an issue from doing so, but you need to decide for yourself if the theoretical risk is worth it.

If you are thinking about buying an Epson printer but are concerned about the ink expiry - in all honesty, I wouldn't worry too much. While technically the inks do have expiry dates on them and you are supposed to use them within 6 months of opening, we have scores of clients who don't manage this.

The key issue is settling - the pigments settle out of the viscous carrying fluid. And the solution is easy - just pop your cartridges out of the printer every now and then and shake them up for a minute or so. This keeps any issues at bay, and we've never seen or recorded any colour shift from out of date inks.

In the end, the expiry date is probably more about Epson inks sales than anything else. So don't let this put you off buying a truly excellent printer that is very cheap to run compared to the smaller options.

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