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The Great Jason Edwards (of National Geographic Fame) Joins the Interweb!

28th October 2011 General Articles

Good friend (and Image Science customer #525 out of over 8000 now!) – Jason Edwards, has just launched himself full force on to the internet
(and he’s no light weight, that’s for sure, so fingers crossed the internet survives his assault!).

Jason Edwards is best known for his National Geographic connection. To quote his website – Jason’s National Geographic image portfolio ranks amongst the largest of any photographer in the Societies long history –and if you know anything at all about what it takes to get work into National Geographic, then you know what a staggering achievement that is.

One of Jason's many, many, many fine images....this one is the eye of a young Fairy Penguin

Jason is quite simply Australia’s premier documentary/natural history photographer, a dynamo of a man who never seems to rest, and a great
friend. I struggle to think of anyone I admire more – not just for the sheer quality, importance, and depth of his work, but because no matter how busy/stressed/over-worked he is, he’s always quick with a joke and always an interesting man to have a yak with (his complete and utter candour about all things is both disarming and little frightening – but a more up front and genuine guy you will not meet!). – And I wasn’t even paid to say that!

For many years now we’ve been working with Jase – I’m actually a little chuffed to look back and realise we were doing work for someone so respected, so early in our life as Image Science – I think and hope that’s a testament to the quality of work we’ve always tried to achieve here. And Jason has some exciting things planned for the near future that we’ll be a part of. More about that when he does a proper launch!

You can now now find him on:

His Website
His Blog