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Stock issues March 2020

26th February 2020 Product News

Really for the first time in in over 15 years, we're seeing some significant shortages across the board with key - and usually very well stocked - papers like Hahnemuhle Photo Rag 308, Bamboo, and German Etching (and more...). COVID-19 Corona virus, and the fires/floods locally, are playing havoc with global supply chains.

As Hahnemuhle is by far the most popular of the fine art inkjet brands, the knock on effect is that we're now beginning to see issues with other suppliers like Ilford and Canson.  It looks like some shortages will be experienced for the next few weeks at least.

We're now also getting notifications that there may soon be shortages with inks, monitors - really just about everything is being affected.  

Product Orders:

We're trying very hard to keep our listings up to date with information if we know about back-ordered items. 

(This is a good time to remind you that we don't list stock per se - we list availability.  That is - most of our orders do ship from stock, but with some items we only get them in to order.  We note all the extended back orders we know about but sometimes the suppliers do not give us timely information so it can be that you order something and then we get in touch about a supply issue).

The important message us - if you currently need any inkjet paper on a short timescale, the best thing to do is contact us (email or phone) so we can check stocks and advise on the best choices.

Service Orders:

We have reserved some stocks for printing, but things are beginning to run out.  We will try and note the shortages on the print orders page as they happen.  Wherever possible we will try and suggest suitable alternatives.  Again - for anything urgent best thing is to contact us for advice.