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SpectraView 1.1.08 and ColorNavigator 6 are out

8th August 2011 Product News

ColorNavigator 6

Lots of information and free download from here.

It has a nifty new interface and some interesting new features. We’ll be giving it a proper try soon and will update our ‘How To Calibrate An Eizo with ColorNavigator‘ article soon!

SpectraView 1.1.08

Is a minor release, mainly an update to improve behaviour with Lion (because the users’ profiles folder is now hidden).

i1Display Pro Compatibility

Neither of these packages support the exciting new i1Display Pro calibrator yet, but we expect within a couple of months this will be announced. X-Rite have confirmed to use the i1Display Pro licensing will work essentially the same as the i1Display 2 which is supported in both packages so within a few months this huge step up in monitor calibrator accuracy should be available to all our direct hardware calibration users. And as soon as this is formally confirmed we will be strongly recommending ALL owners of these monitors consider moving to this calibrator as it’s the first device to really be in the same class as your wonderful screen.

X-Rite i1Display Pro
The benchmark monitor calibrator. Fast, accurate, easy to use, works with everything and very reliable.
...right now you should order the on-special i1Display Pro Plus instead, for less than the regular i1Display price!
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