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Olympus On The Rocks, The Death Of Kodak And Why I Will Be Using My 35mm Camera This Weekend

20th January 2012 General Articles

Well, there are two big stories in the news at the moment regarding a couple of the biggest and longest standing photography companies in the world. First is the bizarre accounting events that have taken Olympus from one of the largest photographic/medical imaging companies in the world to a position of near collapse. The other is the, some may say, expected declaration of bankruptcy by Kodak USA today.

There are a lot of news articles floating around at the moment regarding both of these companies, so I figure I will post a few here for you all to take a read, but I would like to hear any insights and thoughts on the future of not only these companies, but photography in general. The main message seems to be that while greed and poor business is what has hurt Olympus, it is Kodak’s lack of technology forethought that has done them in the end. For me, the death of Kodak kind of signifies the death of film as a medium also. Hence, why I will be busting out my 35mm this coming weekend and taking some shots.


Official Company Statement

The Guardian – Great number of past and present stories on the Kodak Company.

Eastman Kodak on Wikipedia



Official Company Statement – A lot of different information available here.

Olympus Scandal on Wikipedia

Fuji offer to Olympus

The Guardian – Lots of related articles to be found here.

Let us know your thoughts on the current situation for both these companies, but also any thoughts on future changes in photography in general.