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Jason Edwards Print Giveaway - Week Three!

Week 3 Winner - Ice Life

Congratulations to @russkranianphotography

​Giveaway time - Tag & Win!

Image Science have joined forces with legendary National Geographic photographer Jason Edwards to celebrate the opening of his new online Fine Art Print store & website. Image Science has been Jason's scanning and fine art print partner for over 10 years now. 

During August, Image Science will be giving away four selected Fine Art Prints from Jason's vast image portfolio - from over three decades of exceptional natural history photography.   

Each A2 print is worth $645 and will of course be signed by Jason. 

This week's print is 'Ice Life'.   See below for the story of the image.

To Enter

To be in the running to win, you must: 

  1. Follow both @imagescience and @jasonedwardsng on Instagram 
  2. 'Like' the competition post for Week 3 - Ice Life. 
  3. In the comments below the competition post, tag at least one friend (one per comment line – do this for each image you want to have a chance to win!).  
  4. This competition is only available to Australian residents

The print will be delivered free of charge within Australia. The winner will be selected at random from all entries that fit all of the giveaway criteria & announced via Instagram.

Key Dates for the Competition: 

  • Week 1 - The Night Walker - Wednesday 2nd.
    Entries close Tuesday 8th at 10am. 
  • Week 2 - Desert Memory - Wednesday 9th.
    Entries close Tuesday 15th at 10am. 
  • Week 3 - Ice Life - Wednesday 16th.
    Entries close Tuesday 22nd at 10am. 
  • Week 4 - Wednesday 23rd.
    Entries close Tuesday 29th at 10am.

Week Three - Ice Life

Jason's Story: Ice Life

The Weddell Seal, Leptonychotes weddellii, is the most southerly breeding mammal on Earth spending the entire year in Antarctica. As the brief southern summer wanes and the days shorten many species migrate north, fleeing the onset of frigid temperatures. However, the Weddell Seal will winter-over, spending months on the sea ice in perpetual darkness. They shelter from severe storms in the still, black ocean beneath the frozen sea breathing through cracks in the ice. As the summer approaches the frozen surface of the Ross Sea begins to fracture and dissolve and the seals that require the ice for pupping, follow it’s receding edge across the scarred landscape.

Wildlife that inhabits harsh climates is well adapted to conserving energy. Weddell Seals are completely different creatures above and below the ice. Submerged they are elegant and swift, their songs echoing off the frozen ceiling above them. On the ice they are cumbersome and restful - sleeping for hours at a time. I recall spending a day waiting for an individual to surface through a hole whilst I was lying on the sea ice. If I stood up he would surface and greet me, if I lay down he would submerge and I would freeze. A game that resulted in a photograph of a hole in the ice…

Young seals are more active than the parents but still they can be little more than furry lumps on the ice for extended periods of time. This image of a Weddell Seal pup lolling about on the frozen Ross Sea after suckling from its mother was a gift. I watched their interaction for some time and instead of just plopping down after a large feed of nutrient-rich milk, the pup rolled over and greeted me with what could almost be regarded as a contented smile!

This print, along with many others, is available to purchase at Jason Edwards website.

Week One - The Night Walker

Winner - @naomiclaireart

Week Two - Desert Memory

Winner - @tangi1979