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Featured Artist: Lynette Letic

5th October 2016 Featured Artists

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Jessica 2015
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Lynette (our new Office Manager here at Image Science) - has just moved to Melbourne after finishing her Bachelor of Photography with Honours at the Queensland College of Art last year, and already has a number of projects in her sights. She has a strong interest in photographing people and takes a documentary approach, with the majority of her work using film. 

For her honours work, "Let's Get Together", Lynette took to photographing using controlled lighting - a step away from her usual commitment to natural light, producing some fantastic images! Read more on Lynette's work below.

Education and background:
I’ve been engaged with photography since my senior years of high school. Learning how to develop black and white film and make prints in the school’s darkroom caught my interest, and ultimately led me to apply for the Bachelor of Photography at the Queensland College of Art. Studying photography proved to be very fruitful, and acted as a sort of spring board into the ever-growing world of photographers, photobooks, the history of photography and discussions surrounding the medium. At the end of my BA, I decided to continue studying and undertake an Honours year, which I completed in 2015.

Where are you based?
I was living in Brisbane until July of this year, when I moved to Melbourne for a change of scene. I am now based in East Melbourne and am enjoying it here very much!

How long have you been a visual artist for?
While I was practicing and thinking solely about photography since the commencement of my BA, it wasn’t until about halfway through the degree in 2013 that I started to take photography seriously. Since then, I have worked on a number of personal projects and collaborations, and am continually working on refining my practice. Meanwhile, I’ve been sharing my work with other people through exhibitions, online platforms and collaborations with friends.

What are your creative influences?
When I think about all the photography work I’ve looked at over the years and really admired, I realise I could mention quite a few names here. The ones that spring to mind are Rineke Dijkstra, Alec Soth, Diane Arbus and Walker Evans. As of late, however, my source of inspiration has been Instagram. A large number of practicing and working photographers are posting images from their personal projects or commissions on Instagram nowadays, which makes for a very inspiring and eclectic feed. At the moment, I’m enjoying the portraits of Stefan Ruiz and Jody Rogac.

What camera/equipment do you use? 
I use a Hasselblad 500C with an 80mm lens for all my personal projects and portraits. I purchased a Mamiya 7 from a friend at the end of last year and have been using it recently, too. I use a Canon 6D and various prime lenses for test shots before I shoot on film, as well as photographing weddings and other assignments.

Describe your photographic style and how it has changed over the years.
I usually take a documentary approach to my work and have always been very drawn to documentary photography and portraiture. Mary Ellen Mark was the first photographer whose pictures I saw and thought to be very compelling, and I still have the same thought. 

My main interest lies in photographing people and I’ve certainly refined my approach to portraiture over the last few years. When I first started pursuing photography, I was very committed to shooting only in natural light and photographed mostly on digital. It wasn’t until a friend recommended I try working with a 6x6 camera and film that I started to pay more attention to composition and form. 

Since then, I’ve also grown from only photographing events and people in situ with no lights or modifiers, to shooting an entire project with flash and having people pose for portraits in a controlled setting. It was very rewarding to make pictures using lights for my Honours work last year, Let’s Get Together, as it taught me a lot of things about lighting that I hadn’t really practiced before. I’ve also grown more comfortable with photographing strangers over the years, which I initially found to be quite challenging.

What's next?  
I’m thinking of exhibiting my Honours work in Melbourne next year and have been researching a few different gallery spaces. I’ve also been speaking with a friend who has recently started an independent publishing house about making a small book of the series, which I would like to launch in conjunction with the exhibition.

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