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Featured Artist: Kim Buck

4th February 2015 Featured Artists

Kim Buck is a Melbourne based Visual Artist that we have had the pleasure of working with in recent times. Her work is simply beautiful, and she is an extremely lovely person to match! The detail involved in her photo-realistic sketches is just incredible – you really have to see one in the flesh to understand the intricate work that goes into each and every piece!

Kim’s limited edition prints have been extremely popular since introducing them to her online store in November last year. As each original takes around 300 hours to create, the limited edition prints have enabled her to reach out to a larger network and make her work more available. All her prints are on Museo Portfolio Rag which really strengthens the black and white tones in her drawings. Her prints are available to buy online here and includes free shipping within Australia.


Education and background:
I was born in Mt Gambier (SA) and moved to Adelaide to finish high school. After half a psychology degree and a brief attempt at science, I started drawing as a hobby. It quickly became something I wanted to do more seriously so I enrolled in art school (South Australian School of Art) and haven’t really stopped drawing since.

Where are you based?
I migrated across the border to Melbourne two years ago and now work from my home studio in Ivanhoe.

How long have you been a visual artist for?
I’d like to be able to say always, but art came out of nowhere for me in my early twenties. Until then I didn’t really know what I wanted to be! I’ve been drawing for going on nine years now.

What do you feel is your biggest achievement to date?
Working as a full time artist is something I feel lucky to be able to do. It’s not always easy, but so far, so good… Having a piece in the exhibition Heartland at my home-state gallery, the Art Gallery of South Australia (2013) was definitely a career highlight.

What are your creative influences?
Novels and poetry are a huge source of inspiration. I grew up in a bookshop so it is perhaps not surprising that words hold a lot of power! The poet Mary Oliver is someone I return to time and time again, as well as Australian author Mark Tredinnick. Ideas for drawings often begin with language.

What are your favourite tools of the trade?
Sharp pencils, and lots of them. I’ve usually got a handful of General’s charcoal pencils and a variety of erasers and blenders. Radio National is the other tool I can’t work without.

How have your limited edition prints been influential to your business?
With each original drawing taking around 300 hours to complete, I’m not what you would call a prolific artist. These limited edition prints are a fantastic way to make more work available to collectors. Clients have been asking for prints for a long time and I’m so glad to be able to offer them now.

What’s next?
There’s always something on the easel, but I’m taking a break from exhibiting this year to research some new ideas. Keep an eye on for future updates.

Clash (Scar Tissue)
Clash (Scar Tissue)