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Featured Artist: Erin Greer

1st February 2017 Featured Artists

Erin Greer's colourful illustrations of playful creatures have fascinated us since she started printing her limited edition prints over a year ago. They have such a creative and other worldly touch to them that make them a pleasure to print. 

Erin's work is also scattered around Melbourne as murals which really bring these creatures to life on a grand scale! At the moment Erin is based in New Orleans working towards another exhibition "Night Terrors". We can't wait to see what other works she will create.

Erin prints her limited edition prints on Museo Portfolio Rag. 

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Education and background: 
I studied Illustration at Melbourne Polytechnic.

Where are you based? 
I’m normally a Melbourne based artist but I’ve been anchored in New Orleans for the last few months.

How long have you been a visual artist for?  
I have loved creating visually for as long as I can remember so I guess my whole life, but I started working professionally about five years ago.  

What do you feel is your biggest achievement to date?
Last year I had my first commercial publishing job as an illustrator and my first solo exhibition, so probably both of those.

What are your creative influences? 
The natural world, mythology, folklore, dreams, animals, anxiety, science fiction, space, the occult and outsider art to name a few.

What are your favourite tools of the trade? 
I certainly favour traditional mediums as I enjoy the process and decision making that’s involved. I tend to use a lot of gouache, watercolour and ink and have been enjoying playing around with collaging techniques for the last year or so.

Right now I am super interested in 3D art forms like sculpture and mask making.

How have you found getting started with printing at Image Science?
I found everything to be pretty straight forward getting started, the staff have always been extremely helpful with any questions I’ve had. 

The printing turnaround is super fast and is always of a beautiful quality.   

How has being able to create edition prints from your originals been influential to your business?
Selling limited edition prints has been an excellent move for my business. It both acts as a source of revenue for me when I am busy with other projects and it provides a really lovely alternative to an original artwork in terms of affordability and time turn around for the client. 

I get a lot of compliments from customers on the quality of the printing as they always have beautiful true colours, they almost look like originals!   

What's next? 
Right now I am working towards an exhibition called “Night Terrors” in New Orleans which I’m super excited about.