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Explanation of Partial Shipments

24th January 2017 Image Science News

As a store that carries literally hundreds if not thousands of relatively obscure products (in addition to many popular ones!) - stock management is a significant challenge for us.  A few of the more obscure products we sell only sell once or twice a year, if that.

Consequently, not all orders can ship directly from our immediate stocks.  Most do - we keep extensive stocks of all the most popular items and we're constantly analysing and refining our stock levels to meet the market.  That said, sometimes we need to make an upstream order to our suppliers for items not held in stock here.  In general we simply do this and ship your order out once all the items are in (as most things arrive here within a couple of days) - keeping you informed along the way, and we don't charge extra for multiple shipments in this case if it becomes necessary (say if something is unexpectedly delayed for several days - we may in that case split ship the parts of the order if necessary).

Partial Shipments & Possible Extra Charges:

However, if an item is known by us to be on extended backorder (in which case this is noted it on the product page) - and you order these along with other items that are not on backorder, then we will contact you and give you two choices:

  1. We can wait until all items are in stock and send them all together at that time - this is the scenario the shopping cart has charged you for
  2. We can ship the in stock items now, and the backordered items later - as separate shipments.  If you choose this option, we must charge an extra amount to cover the extra shipment.