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Exhibition Visit: Sam Fagan, Rob Ball and Claire Henly at Off the Kerb Gallery

26th July 2011 Exhibitions

Last Friday night I ventured on down to one of my favourite little galleries in Collingwood, Off the Kerb, for its newest opening night. This opening featured two rather cool installations (I’m new to installations, so I’m still grasping the understanding of them) and one mind-blowing “collection” of artwork, that I will get to later.

Now, I realise that Image Science is known for its print services and colour management products, but as the new kid here, I thought I’d introduce a few different arty things through this new blog of ours. The idea of these sort of posts will simply to be for documenting exhibitions that I attend around Melbourne. A lot will feature artists that we have worked with, while the rest will simply be those random little exhibitions that I tend to stumble upon around town. On that note, should you be reading this and want to invite me/us along to your opening, please contact us here.

Apologies for the coming image quality as I only had my iPhone on me,as I recently lent my Canon to a friend who is travelling OS. Also, the opening was really crowded, so it made it really hard for me to capture the installations. Go check it out for yourself, it runs till the 12th of August, and is well worth a look. Check out further information here.

Sam Fagan

I was lucky enough to catch this being installed a week prior to opening, and got the chance to talk with Sam briefly. Lucky thing, as at the opening he drew a huge crowd, making it impossible to catch the guy. Fresh from the VCA, Sam tends to do some destructive things with beautiful pieces of timber. For this show Sam meticulously prepared, sanded and finished two rectangular frames of some of Australia’s finest and strongest timber and then proceeded to slowly and methodically destroy them. Through the use of a clamping set up, Sam was able to snap these frames slowly enough so that they splintered and cracked from the centre, but not all the way through. This work really needs to be seen to understand and appreciate it. Amazing stuff. If you do check out the work, check out how these frames are held together. See those solid steel “nails” in the last picture below? Yep, Sam made those and used them to hold the frames together.

Rob Ball

I did not get a chance to catch Rob Ball on the night, or indeed at the installation the week previous, but his work captured a big portion of the crowd on Friday night. This installation features multiple projections, working in sync with each other to represent the movement of an old tape machine. I really dug this exhibit, but taking photos on my phone was near impossible in the darkness. Again, check this out to truly appreciated it.

Claire Henly

I spent most of my time on Friday checking out Claire’s work in the upstairs gallery. Why do you ask? Well simply because her work is so detailed that one finds themself just staring at all the little bits and bobs perfectly displayed. I had a quick chat with Claire on the night and my one question was, “How/where the hell do you find all these awesome things?”. She explained that it's quite a long and painstaking process of hitting up trash and treasure markets, second-hand shops, garage sales and online until she finds exactly what she is looking for. You see, Claire prepares the story before having the items, and then sets about finding the right items to fit the story. One of the pieces on display features a metal sewing thimble, which Claire explained took a long time to find, but in the end, looked amazing amongst a set of white leather gloves and silver dinnerware. This work was amazing and well worth a look through. It felt like going through a museum of cool stuff from back in the day. If anyone wants to buy me the one featuring the train set, feel free to do so!

Off the Kerb, 66B Johnston Street, Collingwood. Open Thurs/Fri 12.30-6pm, Sat/Sun 12-5pm.