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Exhibition: Mick Turner - Covert Art and Morsels

9th March 2012 Exhibitions

We here at Image Science have the privilege of seeing some great work come out of our printers all the time, but one of our favorites over the years has been the artwork of none other then Mick Turner.

Well, last night we were lucky enough to get along to the opening of his current exhibition, Covert Art and Morsels, down at Tinning Street Gallery in Brunswick. I personally was extra keen to get along, as being the newest member of Image Science I was yet to see an original artwork from Mick, as I’d only had the opportunity to see his reproductions thus far. I was suitably impressed at the amazing body of work on display over there though.

Tinning Street is filled with some amazing street art already, but rumour has it that it is about to be improved upon further.

Now here is something interesting that I didn’t expect to find at this exhibition. Mick has presented a bunch of artwork that has been printed directly on to a kind of ceramic substrate, all framed in reclaimed timber, beautifully. I’ve been talking with artist friends of mine of late, who have also gotten into these types of prints, or buying them blank and painting directly on to the ceramic surface. Quite an ingenious little idea. You can find out more information about this interesting setup by visiting OnStone in South Melbourne.

Tinning Street Gallery had a great feel about it. A new addition to my regular gallery haunts I suspect.

Mick recently purchased the wonderful Epson 3880 A2 Inkjet Printer along with some custom ICC profiles and the inkjet paper to go with it from us here at Image Science, and it was really good to see his prints available for purchase last night. The quality of that printer, mixed in with Mick’s artistic abilities really worked with these prints.

Prints were available mounted or unmounted, and at VERY reasonable prices.

The highlight would have to have been the original artwork that is featured on the cover of the recently released Dirty Three album, Towards the Low Sun. As most of you probably know, Mick is a founding member of this great Australian band. Great to see with my own eyes, much bigger than I expected and an overall beautiful piece.

Impressive, to say the least.

While not normally the type of artwork I fully appreciate, or even go and check out for that matter, I must admit I was more than impressed with the work on display last night. And after having a quick chat with Mick, he seems like a normal guy who just so happens to be a renowned exhibiting artist and member of a famous musical group.

Get along and check this out if you can. Tinning Street Gallery is open Thursday to Sunday, 11am – 5pm and can be contacted on 0422 180 232. Covert Art and Morsels runs until the 18th of March, 2012.