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Exhibition: Matt R. Martin's Solo Show

13th August 2012 Exhibitions

Friend of Image Science, Matt Martin, currently has his solo show hanging at Scott Livesey Galleries in Armadale, and I finally made time to venture on down for a bit of a look. I have been lucky enough to see his current range of prints come off our printers of late, so I have been eagerly awaiting the chance to see the originals in the flesh.

I must say, that I was blown away at the quality of the works on display. The themes, the style and the intensely fine detail of the works were a bliss to see with my own eyes and all these elements were enhanced by the wonderful natural and installed lights within the gallery (something I wish other galleries would take note of). Get along to this show if you can, as it is not to be missed!

Woven Skin in Morning Light – Oil on Board – 86cm x 130cm.
The detail in the hair was fantastic!
..and the grass!
These smaller pieces all followed the entangled girls theme. All remarkable.
Always great to see the inspiration/features included in works make an appearance at exhibitions.
Could not help but notice the grass found here, looking identical to that in Woven Skin in Morning Light, above.
Drifting Hours – Oil on Board – 134 x 91.5 cm. By far my personal favorite from the show, and one of only a few as yet to be sold.
I was with an artist friend of mine who pointed out the detail on the bricks, something which I initially missed.
Astray – Oil on Board – 44 x 30 cm. I had not seen a preview of this image before the show. Definitely one of my new favorites.
I struggled to capture this wall in its proper glory.
Adored (left) and Blinding White (right) – Oil on Board – 30 x 44cm
Perseveration – Oil on Board – 30 x 44 cm. This is currently available as a limited edition print through the artist.
More brick detail. So good!
Fragile – Oil on Board – 53 x 80 cm

A big congratulations goes out to Matt for a successful and interesting solo show. Having spoken with Matt a number of times in the past, and being intrigued by the themes he works with, it was wonderful to be able to see his artwork on display.