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Exhibition: Ghostpatrol

22nd May 2012 Exhibitions

Last Friday night I once again plodded on down to good ol’ Collingwood to attend an exhibition at Backwoods Gallery to catch the newest work from Ghostpatrol with his most recent exhibition, Cosmic Scale and the Super Future. Now I know what you are thinking, is Backwoods the ONLY gallery that I visit? Well, no, I do visit a lot of other galleries and openings quite often, I swear, but remembering to grab a camera when I leave work seems to be my downfall of late. How do you remind yourself to take your camera with you? Perhaps I need a man bag…..

Overall I felt this exhibition was a great display of where Ghostpatrol has come to with his artwork and I’m sure his fans were satisfied with what was on display. I’ll admit I am not the biggest fan of his artwork, but I hear his name everywhere I go, have known his work for almost 10 years and I really appreciate his style, especially his colour choice and fine line work (again with the lines). Wait….perhaps that DOES make me a fan? Either way, I enjoyed the larger scale of this body of work (while still keeping the fine detail he is known for) and overall the gallery looked good on the night.

The installation was a bit of an oddity though. It took a fellow attendee to point out that in the crevices of the wood, there were resin inserts of fine detailed characters. These were the highlight for me, but I doubt I’d have noticed them had someone not pointed them out to me. In that vain, I could not get a proper shot of them due to a combination of poor lighting and my Friday evening photography skills. Mind you, Fletch from Invurt got a great shot of one of them that you can see in his write up here.

Get along and check this show out for yourself if you can. Backwoods Gallery is open Thursday and Friday, 3pm to 7pm and Saturday and Sunday, 12pm to 6pm and runs until the 3rd of June. Enough from me, let the pictures do the talking.