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ColorNavigator 6.0.1 Is Out: And i1Display Pro Compatible!

12th October 2011 Product News

Eizo have just released a point upgrade to their ColorNavigator software.

The big new feature is compatibility with the new benchmark monitor calibrator, the i1Display Pro.

Going forward this will unquestionably be the best combination for calibrating Eizo CG monitors – especially those with a wider gamut like the CG243W, 245W and 275W. The i1Dsiplay Pro is simply a cut above all other sensors that came before it, so this is a recommended upgrade for all Eizo CG owners. Indeed if you own a Flesxscan/SX/CE model, we would also recommend you consider an upgrade to the i1Display Pro.

X-Rite i1Display Pro
The benchmark monitor calibrator. Fast, accurate, easy to use, works with everything and very reliable. Our recommended calibrator.
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You can download CN 6.01. here. It’s free! There’s also a nice fix/improvement – switching between calibrations is apparently considerably quicker now.