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Best of 2011: Times Gone By

6th December 2011 General Articles

At this time of year, it is quite common for online blogs/websites etc to start posting “best of” lists. Be it photography, art, sport or celebrity based, they tend to pop up everywhere and we figure we would get in on the action too. So, over the coming weeks we will endeavour to post a few items relating to art and photography that has inspired us during 2011. Along side this, we would like to ask you to comment, either here or on Facebook of what artists have inspired you over the course of 2011, and we will collate them and make a separate post containing images and submitted links.

Today though, we will simply share a few links containing photographic collections from times gone by. This is by no means an extensive post, but simply what we have seen during 2011. If you have some more links for us in a similar vain, please send them through.

This series, and now a book, came to my attention mid way through this year, although the book has been out since 2008. From the article that floated around the Internet this year, “In almost every picture #7 tells the story of a Dutch woman whose life is seen from the point of view of a fairground shooting gallery.” Beginning in 1936 as a 16 year old girl, this series documents almost every year of this womens life. To me, these are simply amazing images to go through.

Stanley Kubrick’s New York

This collection of images has only came about over the past week or so, is pretty amazing and shows a good insight in to 1940’s New York, its people and its scenery. All these prints and more are now available as part of a limited edition run.

Vivian Maier

Without a doubt most of you reading this blog have heard the story of the mysterious Vivian Maier collection of street photography. But for those that haven’t, you should take time out to read more about her here.

This is the type of collection that simply entrances me and makes me kick myself for not carrying my camera with me more than I do. I hope you enjoy it.

Bob Henriques

As I write this post, it has just been announced that the long-time Magnum Photos affiliate, Bob Henriques, has passed away at the age of 81. Some of the iconic photos that Bob took and the things that he must have seen in his life time boggle the mind. Enjoy the images from this wonderful photographer.