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Made in Germany by Hahnemühle

Hahnemühle Authenticity Certificates

[IS sku: PHA_10 640 397]

Authenticity Certificates for protecting your limited edition art works and reducing the risk of forgery.


The Hahnemühle Certificate of Authenticity is designed to protect the security and exclusivity of your limited edition art works and reproductions, and reduce the risk of forgery. Each certificate has a serialized numerical hologram already affixed to the certificate. The certificate can then have your customised design and wording printed onto it, eg: description of art work, publisher, artist, edition number and date, through inkjet, laser, thermal transfer or offset litho printing.

An identical numerically serialized hologram is also provided, to be fixed directly to the art work itself, usually on the reverse image side. This combination assures that the Certificate of Authenticity relates directly to that particular piece of artwork. The certificates are manufactured to the strict standards and regulations of Europay and Clearstream, the world leaders in forgery resistant printing. The forgery resistant security characteristics found in this system are both visible and invisible in the forms of serial number, Guilloche with relief, rainbow-pressure, watermarks and a special UV signature.

The certificates and hologram systems are available in packs of 25 sequenced numbers. Hahnemühle also keep an additional record at their offices for added security.

More information, printing templates, and images available here.

While not cheap, they are exceedingly classy and are just the sort of thing to use if you're hoping to command premium prices for your work. They show you take editioning seriously and are willing to back it up with formal documentation, and to many buyers of photography that is a very important thing.