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When Should I Replace SoLux Bulbs or GrafiLite Tubes?

15th September 2015 Colour Management & Lighting

SoLux Bulbs

Sometimes your working environment will determine how long your SoLux bulbs lifespan is. When installed in a clean environment, they are designed to last 4,000 hours or more while maintaining their original light quality. If, however, there is dust or dirt in the air, these materials may get inside the bulb reducing the brightness and possibly changing the colour and quality of the light over time.

If your SoLux bulbs are getting old and you do start to notice that the cover glass of the bulbs are getting foggy, glazed or diffused, this is a good indication that it is time to replace them – they should be relatively clear for you to get the correct colour temperature light with an even spectral output.

GrafiLite Tubes

GrafiLite tubes are rated for up to 10,000 hours under ideal conditions, but the illumination quality will deteriorate over time, and this will be exacerbated if the tubes are affected by dirt or dust in the air.

Grafilite recommend that for best accuracy you replace your tubes annually to receive optimum colour accurate light quality.