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What is the Difference Between DVD+R and DVD-R Discs?

15th September 2015 Digital Asset Management


DVD-R is the most suitable media for burning when you want the absolute best in cross compatibility with older systems or dvd-video players. For example - if you're burning actual video files, or you're making a slideshow disc to play on a normal DVD player. Older computers and a lot of older DVD players will often only accept DVD-R discs.


DVD+R is the most suitable media to burn if you are archiving files. These discs have more error checking built in to the burn pattern and are therefore more tolerant of minor imperfections in the burn and the disc structure, so should in theory last even longer than DVD-R discs.

We use Taiyo Yuden (JVC) DVD Master Quality discs for burning all our scans to discs for clients. They are very very reliable and habitually come out on top of DVD media tests.