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PDI Printer Test Image

15th September 2015 Colour Management & Lighting

This is the classic printer test image from PhotoDisc International (PDI). It is an industry standard printer test image that has a range of various tones and colours, including skin tones, deep blacks, different levels of saturation and shadow details, that are useful for print evaluation.

It is very beneficial that you use an image that is independent of your own work to evaluate your print workflow. Using a standardised test file means any issues/mistakes in your own workflow are removed from the print evaluation process.

You can download the file below to test your own printer & profile setup.  You can also purchase a print of this image made on a properly profiled setup here at Image Science to evaluate versus your own results.

How to Evaluate Your Print Using the PhotoDisc International Print Test Image

  • Check the assorted skintones of the four people at the bottom for realistic colour and smooth gradients.
  • Look at the circuit board in the upper left hand corner to check for open shadows and believable colour in the shadow areas.
  • Make sure the flowers show sufficient, but not extreme, colour saturation.
  • Check the purple embroidery at the centre for a reasonable purple tone, and no ink bleeding blocks the gold stitching.
  • Natural greens should be present in the cactus and sunflower leaves.
  • The saddle blanket on the small elephant should not black up with excess black ink. The gap between the elephant and the wall should be visible.
  • The red robot should be brilliant, and the coloured beads should show good spectrum colours.
  • The sand in the fish bowl should be a rich dark purple, not dull grey or near black.
Print of PhotoDisc Test Image
PhotoDisc print for custom ICC Profile Evaluation
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