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Guide to Assembling PCHOOD Branded Monitor Hoods

PCHOOD branded monitor hoods are well made and sturdy, but come with no instructions as to how to assemble them.This is a step by step guide to assembling both the 15 - 25 inch and 24 - 36 inch PCHOODs that we currently sell.

Note: Some images are of the 15 -25 inch PCHOOD and others 24 - 36 inch, but are very similar in their assembly.

What Comes in the Box

15 - 24 inch:

  • 3 rectangular pieces (top of monitor hood)
  • 2 side panels
  • USB cover
  • 1 strap for securing monitor

24 - 36 inch:

  • 3 rectangular pieces (top of monitor hood)
  • 2 side panels
  • USB cover
  • 2 straps for securing monitor
  • 2 lugs with 2 screws (including 2 spares)
  • 2 small pieces to make a handle.

You may find that there are also pieces of black foam provided with this monitor hood - we suspect they are mainly for use if you have any light spilling onto your screen or just extra packaging materials.

How to Assemble a PCHood Monitor Hood

First, find the 3 rectangular pieces that form the top of the hood. The shorter pieces of the 3 will slide in to the underneath side of the longer piece, as shown. This slides together fairly tightly but it should be quite easy, so if it is becoming stuck, do not force it and check to make sure you have it lined up correctly.

Push the shorter pieces together so that the length of the 3 pieces is the same as the width of the monitor screen - test this by measuring it up against the monitor.

You may need a second persons help for this next part. Have them hold the now joined pieces on the top of the monitor. Take the side panels and slide them on to the top pieces as shown. These too are REALLY snug, so don't worry if they feel quite stiff when putting together.

Once you have placed both side panels on adjust the top panels to make sure the hood is nice and snug around all edges so no light can spill in. Make sure you have the ledge of the hood in front of the monitor panel and it sits securely as shown.

Next, unwrap the straps that come supplied. There are 2 ways that you can use these straps to hold your monitor hood in place. The first way is for the 15 - 25 inch monitor hood and only suitable for the 24 - 36 inch hood when used on smaller monitors or monitors that are moved around a lot. For bigger monitors, we would suggest the second option to follow.

First Option

First, attach one end of the strap to the lug located on the top of the hood. Either side can be used for this. This connect requires you to turn the end of the strap on a right angle, push down and then twist it in to place.

Once attached to one lug, run the strap under the monitor stand and around to the lug on the other side of the hood, as shown.

Second Option (for 24 - 26 inch monitor hood only)

The second option will make use of both straps and extra lugs on the side panels of the 24 - 36 inch monitor hood. This option is a more secure way to attach the monitor hood to the monitor providing very little movement.

On each of the side panels you will notice that there are 3 pre-drilled holes as well as 3 grooves. The grooves enable you to shorten the side panels to suit your monitor. You can snap them off, but this is a little difficult as the plastic is rather sturdy.

We would suggest first using a box cutter/scalpel type knife to cut the inner felt lining along the groove you have chosen, then use the sharpest pliers you can find to snip along the groove.

I'd suggest starting from the back to try and get the hang of it and make a clean break. We found that we didn't need to shorten the side panels when using the 24 - 36 inch hood on our PA301W so have left the side panels are they are.

Next we will screw the lugs onto the side panel use the pre-drilled holes. As we didn't shorten the side panels we opted to use the botton hole. The holes are not drilled all the way through the felt lined underside, so first it is best to screw through from the outside, so that you know where you will need to screw from the underside.

Once done, hold a lug in place and screw from the underside in to it. You will need to hold the lug the entire time to be able to screw it in securely. Once done, it should look like the image below. You can attach on end of a strap to the lug and when it "clicks" it is in place. Do the exact same process to the other side panel.

Once both sides are done, you can run each strap back up to the top of the hood to form an "X" on the back of the monitor.

You can place the USB cover on now and using the two small odd shaped plastic pieces supplied, join them to make somewhat of a handle. This "handle" is not really needed, so feel free to leave this out.

Lastly, enjoy your stylish new addition to your professional digital imaging set up and should you have any questions or feedback, we would love to hear from you.