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Checking What Monitor Profile is Being Used in Photoshop

To check what monitor profile Photoshop is using, go to Edit->Colour Settings.

Drop down the RGB working space selector and in there (towards the top) will be an entry 'Monitor RGB - profile name'. N.B. You shouldn't actually need to select this, but this is where you can confirm in Photoshop what profile it is using.

Note: Unfortunately Photoshop only confirms the profile in use for the primary monitor - the one the Photoshop menu bar is on.  If you wan to confirm the profile for your other monitor, temporarily make it your primary monitor and re-start Photoshop.

Make sure you leave your correct desired working space selected as you exit this dialogue (for most people this should be AdobeRGB - much more on this in The Digital Fine Print - Colour Management Practise Part Two).