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Calibrating Televisions

15th September 2015 Colour Management & Lighting

Televisions can be calibrated in a similar way to monitors to give a more accurate, true to life colour. If you already have a monitor calibrator then you may already have most of what you need to calibrate your TV. It is an excellent way of squeezing more value out of something you already own.

There are also a number of after-market software packages, almost of  all of which are compatible with the i1Display Pro.

Essentially it works like this:

  • Purchase a software package & a calibration video that is compatible with your current monitor calibrator
  • Plug your calibrator into a computer near your TV (a laptop is perfect).
  • The software then guides you through taking measurements of your TV, and gives instructions on the necessary adjustments you need to make to bring your screen toward accurate display.

You can find much more advanced information on this web forum - AVS Forum

The 'sticky' threads at the top are the most useful part. As you'll see it can get quite complex if you want it to, but the basic ideas and processes are pretty simple.

Have fun!