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BenQ Monitors & Hooking Them Up

(Prefer a video?  There's one at the bottom of this page!)

By far the most common support query we get for BenQ monitors is difficulty with the initial hook up.  The first thing to understand is that the USB3 cable is NOT a video cable, it's for the calibration process and to enable the downstream USB ports on the monitor.  You must use a video connection (DisplayPort, HDMI, USB-C or DVI) to connect your computer to the BenQ.

Then, if you have not told your BenQ which input you are using, and you are not by lucky chance using whichever input the BenQ monitor happened to be set to at the factory, then you will get an on-screen error in the form of 'No Signal Detected' or 'No Cable Connected'.

This is because BenQ monitors do not auto-sense which input you are using.  They must be explicitly told.  Nobody can tell me why this is - most other makers use auto-sensing, but for whatever reason BenQ don't offer it.  There is a simple fix though.

Here's how to solve the problem:

When you first turn on your monitor from cold, you sill see the purple startup screen and BenQ logo. The monitor then boots up for a few seconds and is unresponsive.

Then, touch the buttons on the front of the screen (physical buttons in the case of most SW models, touch buttons that look like little LED lights in the case of PV models).  

You will see a series of icons appear - these are visual representations of the inputs on the back of the monitor.  Then, just push the button under the icon that corresponds to the input you are using.

As a quick guide:

  • One corner cut off = Display Port
  • Two corners cut off = HDMI
  • Little oval = USB-C
  • Lots of pins = DVI

Once you tell the BenQ which port to look at, you should see your computer's screen pop up within a second or two.

Video - Setting up BenQ Monitors

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