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Made and Designed in Switzerland and the USA by X-Rite

X-Rite ColorChecker Passport 2

$179 (N.B. price might change once available for purchase).

Create a colour accurate workflow from your camera to screen.

Sorry, this product is not available.
The X-Rite ColorChecker Passport 2 has been re-branded as the Calibrite ColorChecker Passport Photo 2. The product itself, warranty and support remains unchanged. Read more here.
We recommend you look at Calibrite ColorChecker Passport Photo 2 as an alternative.


The new and more powerful ColorChecker Passport Photo 2 is the indispensable tool that helps you capture the colors of the world more perfectly and ensures that from initial capture to edit, you are beginning with the most accurate files possible. No matter where you set off to explore and create, always have your Passport.

X-Rite created the industry-standard ColorChecker Passport 10 years ago. With this new and even more powerful version, you can capture and create more perfectly than ever.

ColorChecker Passport Photo 2 is ideal for any photographer looking for accurate, consistent color and creative flexibility. The combination of targets and camera calibration software combined with your choice of Lightroom®, Photoshop®, CaptureOne® or Canon® DPP, delivers the most professional quality color control possible.

Passport Photo 2 combines four photographic targets into one pocket-size protective, case that adjusts to any scene. Together with the included Camera Calibration software and Lightroom Plug-In, you get the ultimate in functionality, flexibility and portability for a more perfect color journey.

It’s a passport to a more perfect place, to a stress-free and consistent state, to a land of infinite creative possibilities.

ColorChecker Passport Photo 2 is an indispensable tool that helps you capture the colors of the world more perfectly and ensures that from capture to edit, you are beginning with the most accurate files possible.

The art of color management is all about getting your colors to match from input to output. That means your camera captures true colors, your monitor displays them accurately, and your printer produces a photo that matches what you see on screen.

ColorChecker Passport Photo 2 is an essential component for your color-managed workflow. It includes 4 targets, giving you everything you need for exposure control, white balance, camera profiling, and creative enhancements wherever your creativity leads you.

The ColorChecker Passport 2 is a great tool for easily generating camera profiles and can significantly reduce your image processing time. It is particularly useful for Lightroom users as it makes the profile making process super simple, and can much improve your results.

ColorChecker Passport Photo 2 is a powerful ‘capture to edit’ color solution for any photographer looking for more accurate, consistent color and creative flexibility. And when you combine ColorChecker Passport Photo 2 with Adobe® Imaging solutions you’ll gain even greater benefits.ColorChecker Passport Photo 2 combines three photographic targets into one pocket size protective, multi-positionable case that adjusts to any scene. Together with the included camera calibration software, you get the ultimate in functionality, flexibility and portability.

There are so many ways to incorporate ColorChecker Passport Photo 2 into your Raw workflow. Whether you take advantage of the entire solution, or just a couple of ColorChecker Passport’s many features, you’ll realize improved quality and productivity almost immediately.

  • Creative Enhancement Target – neutralize and create your look with enhancement patches; check and evaluate shadow details or highlight clipping; check and control color shifting
  • Classic Target – industry standard color reference target for creating DNG profiles and for evaluating specific colors
  • White Balance Target – create custom in-camera white balance for a consistent white point in a set of images, eliminating the need to correct each image later
  • Grey Balance Target - set exposure with an in-camera or handheld meter.
  • Camera Calibration Software – includes both a desktop application and an Adobe® Lightroom® Plug-In for creating custom DNG profiles
  • Portable Protective Case – adjusts to accommodate multiple positions so you can adjust the targets to any scene.

You’ll gain many great benefits when you include ColorChecker Passport Photo 2 in your workflow. Each target provides added value.

White Balance Target

White balancing with a piece of paper or other gray element in the scene may seem like a simple workaround, but most objects are not actually neutral under all lighting conditions; and they’re certainly not consistent. An inaccurate white balance results in color casts and a lack of consistency as lighting conditions change. This can slow down your post processing as you attempt to fix the resulting color casts.

Starting with an accurate white balance ensures the colors you capture are true and provides a point of reference for post-shoot editing. This target is created to exacting standards to be spectrally neutral and reflect light equally across the visible spectrum. This provides a neutral reference point to accurately compensate for different lighting conditions.

  • Eliminate color casts
  • Eliminate the chance of any extreme white balance errors which cannot be corrected later in JPEG workflow
  • Save time on post production edits of each individual shot

Creative Enhancement Target

The Creative Enhancement Target adds a higher level of color creativity and control to your workflow. It includes four rows of color patches designed for image editing that can be instantly applied with just the click of an eyedropper.

  • Two rows of warming and cooling patches in the middle serve as a creative guide for you to create pleasing and repeatable edits. Creatively refine the color of your image by adding warmth to skin tones or boost the deep greens or blues in a landscape. Simply click and sync your selection to other images that were shot under that same lighting to create pleasing edits – it’s that simple!
  • A row of clipping patches across the bottom serve as a visual reference for judging, controlling and editing images for shadow details or highlight clipping. The clipping patches are separated into two groups: light and dark. Each patch is 1/3 F-stop difference between them with the exception of the last black patch. The exposure difference between the darkest and next darkest patch is approximately 1/10th of a stop, and the dynamic range of the target is about 32:1 (5 stops).
  • The top HSL (hue, saturation, lightness) row includes 8 spectrum patches to ensure color fidelity across all hues so you can evaluate and edit for any color shifts.

Grey Balance Target

18% middle gray is the industry de facto standard reference used to produce consistent image exposure and/or color in film and photography. Use it with a reflective light meter or your in-camera meter to check lighting ratios and light distribution. Plus, it can be used to neutral balance and remove color casts.

  • Set proper camera exposure
  • Check lighting ratios, important for portrait photography
  • Alternate choice for custom neutral balancing of your camera

    Classic Target

    Photographing the industry-standard ColorChecker Classic is an important step in attaining consistent, predictable color at capture. When combined with the Camera Calibration Software, you can produce custom DNG and/or ICC profiles of your camera’s response to scene lighting for consistent, predictable and repeatable results from image to image and camera to camera.

    The Classic target also provides a visual point of color reference so you can see exactly how color corrections will affect the rest of your colors before you apply them. Each of the 24 color patches represents the colors of natural objects, such as sky blue, skin tones and leaf green; and each patch reflects light just like its real-world counterpart. Each square is individually colored using a solid tone to produce pure, flat, rich color without dots or mixed tints.


      ColorChecker Classic target is supported by these 3rd party software vendors:

      • Hasselblad Phocus
      • Black Magic DaVinci Resolve
      • 3D LUT Creator

      Now even more powerful - create both custom DNG and/or ICC camera profiles! Build custom camera profiles using the industry standard 24-patch ColorChecker Classic Target or the ColorChecker Digital SG Target together with either the stand-alone ColorChecker Camera Calibration software or the Adobe Lightroom® Plug-In.

      This advanced camera profiling technology provides excellent results with either reference target, producing profiles that work exceptionally well under virtually any lighting condition. Auto-detection will locate the target automatically making the profile creation process a breeze. Whether you are shooting with just one camera or multiple cameras, Color Perfectionists can easily establish an accurate color foundation and maintain control of their colors.

      • Minimize color differences between cameras and lenses
      • Adapt for mixed lighting
      • Match color balance across different scenes

      Dual - Illuminant DNG Profiles
      A dual-illuminant profile combines images taken under two different light sources to create a single profile, which can be applied to an even wider variety of lighting conditions. Dual-Illuminant profiles can be made with any two of twenty-one supported illuminants, giving you the freedom to move between most lighting conditions without switching profiles.


      Create custom camera profiles directly in Adobe® Lightroom® Classic and Lightroom® Classic CC.


      ColorChecker Passport Photo 2 was designed for absolute convenience and portability so you can take it with you to every shoot. The travel-sized case is made of a rugged plastic material that houses and protects the four targets from the elements and extends their lifespan. The self-standing Passport case adjusts to multiple positions, allowing you the flexibility to place the targets exactly where you need them. Plus, the included lanyard ensures your Passport is close at hand during every photo shoot.

      Physical Specifications:

      • Size: 125mm (H) x 90mm (W) x 9mm (T)
      • Weight: 80 grams or 3 oz
      • Humidity range: 85% or less, non-condensing
      • Temperature range for normal use of the case: 32° - 104° Fahrenheit / 0° - 40° Celsius
      Full Specifications: X-Rite Product Page

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