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Wacom Range

Wacom are THE name in graphics tablets. The industry standard for more than a decade now, no other tablets come close.

We stock the popular Intuos Pro range including the new 2017 Paper Edition, which is the best when it comes to creative graphics tablets. The more basic tablets like the Bamboo and standard Intuos people tend to outgrow too quickly.

These tablets are beautifully designed and can really revolutionise how you approach your work.

Wacom Tablets - Key Features

3 Handy Sizes

See our guide in the right column to choosing the right size, but in short we recommed:

  • Small for portable scenarios
  • Medium for retouching
  • Large for drawing
Great Pressure Sensitivity

It really works - so much more refined that iPads and similar.

The new Pro Pen 2 has 8,192 discrete levels of pressure mean the tablet reflects much more accurately what you're actually trying to do. It recognises not just pressure but tilts too, so it's as close to real drawing as you can get! (Pro Pen 2 only available on Medium & Large Intuos Pro Tablets)

New Paper Edition

Both the Medium & Large Intuos Pro 2017 tablets come with a Paper Edition upgrade allowing you to work directly onto a paper surface, which then transforms your illustration into a digital work! 

Touch Comfort

With integrated support for touch controls, like touch to zoom, navigate and rotate, your workflow speeds up dramatically as you you don't have to switch back to mouse or keyboard for common operations.


ExpressKeys and the TouchRing mean you have a whole bunch of fully customisable controls to store your favourite commands.

And of course you can have application specific settings.

Wireless Out of the Box

Wireless is now included with all Intuos Pro models, so no cords to get in your way and mess with your drawing mojo.

Sync Your Settings

You can store your settings in the Wacom Cloud and they can follow you from work to home and back again - means less setup work and perfect consistency!

Mac and PC Compatible

Works with everything and the latest versions of your OS too. Vista+ for PC and 10.6.8+ for Mac.