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Talkswitch (Fortinet) 244vs PBX (VOIP and traditional PBX) - Used

[IS sku: Talkswitch]

Awesome PBX unit - easily share one or multiple voip plans with lots of handsets!


(Used, fully functional, good condition if a bit dusty!)

This might be the single best piece of hardware we ever bought. We used it for 15 years as our primary phone system and we've only changed because we needed something that integrated with a new CRM system. I estimate we saved about $3000/yr using this vs. a traditional business phone system and phone plan - i.e. something like $50000 over that period.

This is a 'PBX' => basically, it's a phone system suitable for a home or small business.

Product brochure:

It can handle:

  • 2 incoming traditional phone lines (if you're still using these)
  • Multiple SIP/VOIP plans (not sure there is a limit, but its plenty...)
  • 4 traditional handsets (i.e. is a 4 * ATA (Analogue Telephone Adaptor) so you can plug in any old handsets)
  • Many VOIP handsets (via your LAN).
  • Remote extensions - forward calls to other buildings, mobiles etc, as if they had come in directly
  • Includes voicemail, transfer, ring group, hunt groups (for cheapest call routing) and just about anything you can think of...
  • Easy to self configure using the (Windows) application (we use v7.11)
  • Much much more...see this link where you can see comprehensive screenshots showing what it can do:

We've used it with GoTalk, MyNetFone (now Vonex) and a variety of other VOIP providers with no issues over the years.

It's highly reliable and easy to use...just a great way to have modern phone features without needing an expensive phone system or running any sort of phone server. Just plug in, easy configure, and you've got everything a small business could need in a phone system.

In The Box

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You will get:

  • Talkswtich 240 unit
  • Power adaptor
  • Several RJ45 Phone Cables