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Rotatrim Mastercut A0 Trimmer - Used

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This Rotatrim Mastercut A0 Trimmer has been used in house at Image Science. Pick Up Only.

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Pick Up Only.

We've had this cutter for a while now, so it is not the latest model, but Rotatrim trimmers are known for their basically unlimited life, overall quality - and spare parts are readily available.

The cutting head has a crack in the plastic, but this doesn't impact the cutting performance (see third photo).   Selling as we've updated to a unit with built in stand.  Sold as is, pick-up only, should work for years yet.

(These trimmers retail for around $550 when new).

Here is what Rotatrim has to say about their current MasterCut A0 trimmer:

This is largest size in the MasterCut ‘MC’ Series range and will comfortably cut materials up to 1270mm (50“) in length, large enough to accommodate A0 landscape. It is a precision trimmer which will cut most flexible materials up to 1.5mm in thickness.

  • Ideal for regular trimming of classroom and office materials
  • One-way cut with overload protection feature
  • Finest quality Sheffield Steel self-sharpening precision blades
  • Single square chrome steel guide rail eliminates head swivel
  • Transparent clampstrip for accurate work placement
  • Solid laminate gridded baseboard with aluminium side rule and cursor
  •  Our trimmers are hand built in England by highly skilled technicians so you can be assured of the absolute highest quality of craftsmanship, accuracy and reliability.