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PCHood Monitor Hood for 15 to 25 Inch Monitors Clearance

[IS sku: HD_PCHOOD24_CL]

As new - box open but not used. Suits most monitors up to about 25" Widescreen in size. See full listing for fitting details.

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We have 2 hoods available that have been opened and fitted once, but are as new. They come complete with their original packaging and accessories.

Monitor hoods are a pretty much essential part of a professional digital imaging set up.

You may not realise just how much effect the surrounding light is having on your perception of your monitor's image. Try this test - take some very matte black card (or better yet black material like velvet) and set your monitors display to a completely black screen. Now surround your monitor with you black material look carefully at your screen. In most typical scenarios you'll see a very significant change - your wall and desk colours (and even shirt colours!) will no longer be reflected in your screen.

A monitor hood is the more stylish way of achieving the same result!

These monitor hood are easy to fit and very effective. They will fit any screen up to 26" wide, that has a bezel size of 1cm, and will greatly help in any typical working environment. 

N.B. When this hood it attached to NEC monitors, it will obscure the buttons on the right hand side of the monitor. This is not really an issue, as the right hood panel can just be slid off the buttons when you need to use it (i.e. you don't need to remove the whole hood). Or, you can cut a hole in the plastic for permanent access. Finally, you can also use the included NaviSet software to make the same adjustments you can make with the buttons anyway. So all in all, a minor inconvenience and much better than paying $350 odd for an NEC branded hood in our opinion...

Benefits of monitor hoods:

  • Reduces Screen Glare
  • Shades from room or window lighting
  • Aids in colour calibration consistency
  • Reduces eye fatigue
  • Increases privacy
  • Works equally well on flat panel or regular CRT monitors
  • Adjustable width for a perfect fit
  • Pleasing - Professional design
  • Easy removal or adjustment after installation


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