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Pantone Metallic Chips Coated

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Metallics Chip book for specifying colours in an easy to use, portable loose leaf format.

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Pantone Metallic Chips Coated Master Image
Pantone Metallic Chips Coated Master Image


The PANTONE METALLIC CHIPS book offers six specification chips for each PANTONE Metallic color. You get a complete range of 301 chromatically arranged brilliant metallics printed on coated paper.


  • Broad palette of 301 colorful metallics
  • Each color identified with a distinct PANTONE Number
  • Six tear–out chips per color
  • PANTONE COLOR MANAGER Software for updating PANTONE Colors in popular design applications
  • Free download of PANTONE COLOR MANAGER Software upon product registration.

In The Box

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You will get:

  • Metallics Chip Book

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This product usually ships in 2-3 days
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