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Nikon LS-4000ED Film Scanner (used at Image Science)

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And oldie but a goldie - excellent little film scanner. See full description for important details!

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Ok, this is literally the original Image Science machine - the first machine we bought and used to offer services (at photo college!) - way back in 2001!

We fairly quickly supplemented this machine with our first Imacon Flextight Precision II scanner, and in truth have not used this for years now - but we DID use this for years and years to do tens of thousands of budget priced scans, including at least 10 massive runs for books.

There is a comprehensive review here, but put simply these machines are legendary units.  Vastly superior results to things like the Epson 850 scanner.  So if you want great results with film, e.g. to scan a large back catalogue of your work, this is an ideal unit. 

Scans hold up really well, with excellent sharpness, to A3 and beyond.  Sure the Imacons can get even more from film, but the difference is not as much as you'd think.  Slide scans are excellent and easy to achieve, results with both black and white and colour neg. can also be excellent but do take more work.  It is not a fast machine (especially if you use the 16* over-sampling for maximum shadow detail!).  The digital ICE auto cleaning is very very effective with E6 and colour neg (NB ICE does not work with silver based black and white, and some versions of Kodakchrome), and a HUGE timesaver.

Supplied with it is the automatic slide feed - the SF-200.  This unit can hold basically a whole rolls worth of slides, and you can automate the scanning.  I used to load it up and set it to run a batch overnight on maximum quality, and the scans would all be sitting ready in the morning.  

You also get the MA-20 single slide adaptor, the SA-21 negative strip adaptor and the FH-3 strip adaptor.  Basically everything you need to scan anything 35mm, mounted or not.  

Definitely a very well used machine, and in need of a professional clean.  The camera clinic do this for about $250.

So your total spend would be about $1250, and you'll get VASTLY better results with film vs. the similarly priced Epson 850.  Nikon never should have stopped making these!!


  • Needs a proper clean, see above
  • Uses only Firewire 400 - you will need a card/dongle for your computer
  • Does not come with software.  
  • Your best option is to use Vuescan which is excellent and definitely works with this under Windows 10, Mac, and Linux.   US $90.
    It supplies its own drivers.  Very easy to get up and running.

  • You can probably use Silverfast, too, but I am not sure and you need to do your own research here. 
  • Comes as is without ongoing support or warranty but happy to help where we can
  • Comes with an excellent ICC profile for transparency scanning

In The Box

Supplied as is without warranty or support, but bring a transparency with you and we can show you how it works!

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You will get:

  • Nikon LS-4000 ED Film Scanner
  • SF-200 Bulk Slide Adaptor
  • MA-20 Single Slide Adaptor
  • SA-21 Negative strip Adaptor
  • FH-3 Strip Adaptor
  • Firewire Cable