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Ex-Demo Monitors

Every so often we have specials on ex-demo, faulty pixel and/or refurbished monitors. In general these can be a real bargain - minor cosmetic faults can be easily lived with, and demo models typically have usage of maximum 3000 hours, but usually far less - sometime just a few hours.

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Information on any minor faults & remaining warranty dates have been noted in each listing. 

***** IMPORTANT: To purchase an ex demo monitor you must first read all information below these listings i.e. the information regarding warranties and other notes - prior to purchase as no change-of-minds or returns can be accepted. 

All monitors will be sold on a first in first served basis and must be paid in full at time of purchase - competition for these is usually fierce so don't delay with your purchase! 

Some important general notes

  • All ex-demo equipment requires up front payment in full to secure your order. Generally we have a lot of people waiting for these so they are sold on a first in first served basis.
  • Absolutely no change-of-mind returns accepted - unless the description we have supplied was somehow inaccurate. All sales are final so please ask us if you have any questions before purchase.
  • No 'Rainchecks' and Errors and Omissions Excepted. We do our very best to make sure our information is as accurate and as detailed as possible. If there is an error in these listings, we cannot be held to supplying another unit instead of the listed unit at the same price. This is all offered in good faith and we do our best based on the info we have at the time.

Warranty & Accessory Notes

Warranties (only offered on Ex-Demo and Refurbished units - not second hand items) are as stated in the listing but some general points:

  • Ex-Demo monitors do not usually come with further dead pixel coverage, but generally any dead pixels are noted.
  • Eizo monitors will have the warranty length noted in the listing. Please check with us if there is any doubt.
  • BenQ and NEC warranties are the normal 3 year from purchase warranty length unless noted in the listing.
  • Warranties obviously do not cover any faults noted at time of sale, but are other than that are as per the normal warranties, unless otherwise noted or stated.
  • Minor accessories, such as power cords and video cables, may be missing from these units, even if not noted in our listing. This is already factored into the discounted price. Generally we try and get information on this and note it in the listing, but since we're often not packing these items, this is out of our control. Of course if you do find that any major accessories, such as monitor hoods, or software, are missing, please let us know and we will sort this out for you.


Ex-Demo and Refurbished are terms used somewhat interchangeably by our upstream suppliers, so one listed as 'Ex-Demo' may actually be a refurb and vice versa.

  • Ex-Demo means the stock has been used for demonstration purposes at a store and/or trade fair. These units will have had light use - less than 1000 hours for monitors in general.
  • Faulty Pixel Monitor means that this monitor has failed the initial pixel check. This is usually either a dead or stuck pixel. Information of the position of the fault will be noted in the listing but we cannot provide more detail on the type of pixel failure.
  • Refurbished means the monitor was returned for warranty repair as a 'DOA' item. Usually the fault was very minor and has been fully repaired so the unit is in an as new state. If the fault can not be repaired then it will be noted in the listing.