Mirage Professional Print Software for Epson Printers - 17" Edition

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Intuitive printer software for Epson P800, 3880 and other 17" Epson printers.

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Modern printers like the Epson Pro Series Range are amazing machines capable of world class printing results - indeed, the vast bulk of award winning and exhibition level photography is now printed on these machines. The big problem with them though is in fact their drivers - they're often needlessly complicated and difficult to use. Consequently, there are a number of alternative software packages designed to make this easier. Mirage, probably the best of them, provides a simple, intuitive and easy to use one-window interface which makes the (potentially daunting) professional printing process hassle-free. In addition to a really clear GUI for managing layout & colour management, Mirage also offers the capability to remove standard driver length limits - meaning that e.g. on a 3880 you'll now be able to print much longer images on roll media without the usual complexities involved with this kind of printing.

Mirage operates as a plugin for Photoshop, or as a standalone droplet style application.

Unlike most RIPs that force you to use CMYK processes, Mirage 'wraps' the standard Epson printer driver in a much more sensible interface interface - this is important as it means you can continue to use all your standard ICC profiles (ideally custom profiles made by us, but also all stock profiles from paper manufacturers etc.). You won't ever have to touch the horrible Epson driver interface, but underneath it will still be using the truly excellent colour engine the Epson driver provides (once properly profiled).

Mirage 17 inch Edition for Epson supports the following Printers: Epson Stylus Pro 3800, 3880, 4000, 4800, 4450, 4880, 4900, P600, P800, P5070

Please note: All mirage professional print software are only available in dongle versions.

*** If you would like to try out Mirage before purchase, there is a fully functional 14 day trial version available here.

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