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Ilford Fineart Protect Liquid Nozzle Spray

[IS sku: ACC_ILFAP2005056]

A new, non-aerosol print protective spray from Ilford.

This item is only available for pick up from our office. It is a flammable liquid and no courier will accept it without hefty surcharges.
Ilford Fineart Protect Liquid Nozzle Spray Master Image
Ilford Fineart Protect Liquid Nozzle Spray Master Image


Ilford Galerie FineArt Protect is a liquid solution designed to protect images printed on Ilford Galeries FineArt media as well as other Fine Art papers available in the market.

Key Benefits

  • Protects print against UV light
  • Improved scratch resistance
  • Maintains original tint, texture and colour of the image
  • Easy to apply

The FineArt Protect is applied by spraying the solution onto the print to form a thin protective layer. The image will then be protected against UV light and will also be resistant to scratches. The layer will not affect the colour of the print or the tint and texture of the media.

Please note: This product is classified as a flammable liquid so is unable to be shipped without hefty surcharges.

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