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GrafiLite Replacement Tube

[IS sku: LG_CCON451]
$20 RRP $42  (Save $22!)

50% Off Spare tube for the Original GrafiLite Colour Accurate Lamp. Strictly while stocks last!

GrafiLite Replacement Tube Master Image
GrafiLite Replacement Tube Master Image


Please note: The Original GrafiLite lamp has been discontinued, but we have limited stock of replacement tubes. Extend the life of your lamp by having a spare bulb on hand - now just $20!

This pack contains one spare tube for the GrafiLite. These energy efficient simulated natural light tubes are specially developed for the GrafiLite lamp holder.

GrafiLite tubes are rated for up to 10,000 hours under ideal conditions, but the illumination quality will deteriorate over time, and this will be exacerbated if the tubes are affected by dirt or dust in the air.

Grafilite recommend that for best accuracy you replace your tubes annually to receive optimum colour accurate light quality.


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