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Designed in the USA by Fiilex

Fiilex V70 LED Color Viewing Lamp

[MPN: FLXV071] [IS SKU: LF_V70]

High quality LED print viewing lamp with four colour temperature settings and ability to dim the light down to 20%.


We've recently added this new light to our range as customers have been asking for LED based products for a while. And LEDs are finally getting there with respect to colour accuracy, offering similar performance to our existing Grafilite option in terms of CRI (Colour Rendering Index, or put simply, overall colour accuracy) - whilst being more power efficient, offering longer lived globes, and outputting very little heat. And these offer dimming and switchable colour temperature, too!

So that makes these a very simple solution for print viewing, and an excellent general purpose, high quality task light.

They say:

Let Fiilex V70 LED Viewing Lamp transform your desk into a color viewing workstation. At a fraction of the size and cost of traditional viewing stations, the V70 offers the same clean D50 and D65 light used by professionals to evaluate and compare colors in prints, paints, and fabrics.

Its high CRI guarantees that your colors will look beautiful, and four color temperature settings (3000K, 4000K, 5000K, 6500K, accurate to a few hundred kelvin) allow you to assess your work in a variety of lighting conditions. The V70 includes a low profile Dome Diffuser and is compatible with many other Fiilex accessories, giving you even greater versatility in image viewing.

Operated by three touch controls, this sleek lamp allows user to turn the light on/off, dim the light smoothly, and change the color setting. Streamline your color-critical workflow with the V70, the perfect addition to the modern image maker's office.


  • High CRI (≥90)
  • Full Spectrum Quality Light
  • Color Temperature Range (4 Color Settings: Warm 3000K, Middle Warm 4000K, D50 Daylight 5000K, D65 Daylight 6500K)
  • Continuous Dimming 100%-20%
  • Intuitive 3-Zone Touch Control
  • Does Not Emit UV Radiation
  • Cool to Touch
  • Compatible with Fiilex Accessories


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  • Size
    172mm (W) x 690mm (H)
  • Weight
    1.25 kg
  • LED
    Dense Matrix LED
  • Thermal Design
    Fanless Cooling System
  • CCT Range
    3000 / 4000K / 5000K / 6500K
  • Dimming
    Continuous Between 100%-20%
  • CRI
    ≥ 90
  • Power Used
    11-13W Max
  • Operating Temperature
    0 - 40° C
  • Full Specs.

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You will get:

  • V70 LED Viewing Lamp
  • Power Supply
  • Low Profile Dome Diffuser