Made in Japan by Epson

Epson 7900 Printer (used at Image Science)

[IS sku: IS_7900_16]

Young Epson 7900 with lots of ink for sale! See full description for important information.

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Epson 7900 Printer (used at Image Science) Master Image
Bad photo but shows page count and ink levels Bad photo but shows page count and ink levels
Epson 7900 Printer (used at Image Science) Master Image Epson 7900 Printer (used at Image Science) Image


This printer is a relatively young Epson 7900 printer (bought March 2016), and was used to provide some overflow of our main print services until recent upgrades here at Image Science.

As with all our machines, this one has been very well run, and properly serviced (we operate a 6 month service schedule, and use only the licensed Epson Service Agents for this). 

This printer has had only light to moderate use, and has done has done '7812pages'.  This (arbitrary Epson description) is very little for these machines mechanically (e.g. we recently moved an Epson 9900 on that had done over 53000 pages - and was still in excellent running order and daily production use).  There should be years of use left in the machine if you look after it as we have.

It comes with all parts and accessories (roll holder paddles, print catching basket etc, even the manuals and discs).  You will really just need to add a USB or network cable (plus some media!) - and away you go.

The printer comes loaded with 700ml ink cartridges, with almost all being over half full (see photo, only the cyan ink is just under hald).  This means there is noticeably north of $2000 worth of ready to use ink in the printer currently.   Basically, you could think of it as paying for the ink and the machine itself is basically free!

Epson's full 7900 model info is here.

****** IMPORTANT:  *****

This printer, like many 7900s, is developing a spongy/inconsistent down button on the main control panel (when doing sheet printing the down switch get used a lot more than the rest).  The part costs about $130 but we already have a new one ready for you, included in the sale.  Fitting it is an easy DIY process involving a few screws and plugging in a ribbon cable (or you could also just have it done as part of your first printer service when the times comes).

Please note we are not offering ongoing support or warranty with this printer - these are professional machines and you should only buy one if you're quite happy to deal with the complexities of running a large printer.  We are also not supplying our ICC profiles for this printer as they can only be used with our specific RIP - but of course we can make you custom profiles.  Happy to make you 4 for free as part of the printer sale to get you up and running nicely.

The printer is currently mounted on its stand (can be removed by just removing two wing nuts) - and we'll help you get it to our office door as is, but outside of that the buyer is responsible for all transport and muscle required.  We suggest you just hire a van, and wheel this out of our door and into the van - done!

Inkset Type, # Inks - Pigment, 11 inks

Inkset Type, # Inks

Pigment, 11 inks

Carriage Width - A4 (8.5", 216mm)

Carriage Width

A4 (8.5", 216mm)

High Quality Black & White? - Yes

High Quality Black & White?

Roll Printing Support? - Yes

Roll Printing Support?


Please note: Specifications are provided as a guide only.

We try very hard to keep these up to date and correct, but if a particular specification is really critical to you, then please double check the specification directly with the manufacturer. Some features may of course have caveats not fully described here.

To get more information about a particular specification, use the arrow to get a 'Specxplanation'.

  • Inkset Name
    Ultrachrome K3
  • Inkset Type, # Inks
    Pigment, 11 inks
  • Carriage Width
    A4 (8.5", 216mm)

    The Carriage Width is the maximum width of paper (on the short side) that can be used in the printer.

    Colloquially printers are more commonly referred to as 'A4, 'A3+' or 'A2' printers in Australia but of course not every country in the world uses the A paper system.

    Typically, A4 printers have a 9" carriage, A3+ printers are 13" carriage, and A2 printers a 17" carriage.

  • High Quality Black and White?

    Does the printer have a dedicated, high quality black and white mode for photographic printing?

    Almost all ink printers have a 'black only' type mode, but that is quite different to what we're talking about here.

    In this mode, called by Epson 'Advanced Black and White' mode or simply ABW, the printer uses multiple grey inks (AKA light black, light light black inks) to produce smooth black and white tones with little to no colour interference.

  • Maximum Print Resolution
    2880 x 1440

    This is the maximum dot resolution of the print head. The higher the number, the smaller the dots of ink the printer can place.

    Note that this has nothing to do with image resolution of course. The printer uses several ink dots to form the colour of one pixel. However the dots are so fine and closely mixed together you can only really see this screening pattern with a magnifying glass.

  • Dimensions
  • Connections

    What physical connections are possible? Wireless support is listed separately below.

    Options include USB, Firewire, Thunderbolt, and Ethernet.

  • Included Cables
  • Wireless Support

    Does the printer support wireless, and if so what speeds and standards.

    Most modern routers will offer at least G, which is fast enough to run a printer. N and AC are quicker and good to have but they won't make your printer faster unfortunately!

  • Direct Device Printing Support

    If you use Apple devices like the iPad or iPhone, you'll want Apple Print support, allowing you to print directly from your device to the printer.

    For Android devices, Google Cloud Print is the equivalent system.

    Epson Connect offers a further option but generally you'll use one of the two main options above with modern devices.

  • Disc Printing Support?

    Does the printer support printing to printable CDs and DVDs?

  • Sheet Sizes Supported

    The sheet sizes supported by the printer out of the box. You can also generally define your own custom sheet sizes in the driver if you want to use unusually sized materials.

    (Note, though, that you can't typically print borderless to custom sheet sizes - the standard workaround is to use sheets slightly larger than you need, and then simply guillotine to the printed edge after printing).

  • Borderless Sheet Sizes Supported
  • Roll Printing Support?

    Does the printer support roll media, and do you need an accessory device for this?

    Even if the printer doesn't support roll media, you can still buy rolls, cut sheets from the roll, and use those. Just leave them to flatten for a few days as paper curl can be a painful issue with printers.

  • Roll Width Support
    Rolls up to 24" Wide
  • Borderless Printing On Rolls?

    Can the printer print right to the edge when using roll media?

  • Full Specifications

In The Box

Printer comes as is with no warranty but has been a reliable unit for us and was in daily production use until just recently.

Please Note:
We keep these details up to date to the best of our knowledge.

However if a particular item is of special importance to you please also check the manufacturer's listing for the product.

You will get:

  • Used but well cared for Epson 7900
  • Over $2000 dollars worth of ink
  • Accessories (catcher basket, manual, discs, roll paper paddles)
  • New Replacement Main Panel (to fix panel switch, see above)