Made in Japan by Epson

Epson SureColor P10070 & P20070 700ml Inks

700ml UltraChrome Pro inks and maintenance tanks for the SureColor P10070 and P20070 inkjet printer.

Photo Black T8091 (sku: IP10070_700_T8091) $312.00
Matte Black T8098 (sku: IP10070_700_T8098) $312.00
Dark Grey T8097 (sku: IP10070_700_T8097) $312.00
Grey T8099 (sku: IP10070_700_T8099) $312.00
Light Grey T8090 (sku: IP10070_700_T8090) $312.00
Cyan T8092 (sku: I10070_700_T8092) $312.00
Light Cyan T8095 (sku: IP10070_700_T8095) $312.00
Vivid Magenta T8093 (sku: I10070_700_T8093) $312.00
Vivid Light Magenta T8096 (sku: IP10070_700_T8096) $312.00
Yellow T8094 (sku: I10070_700_T8094) $312.00
Maintenance Tank (sku: IP10070_C13T619300) $79.00


UltraChrome Pro ink is based on Epson's famous K3 & HDR ink. It has an aqueous (water based) all-pigment construction that has been designed for professional and commercial print production. The formulation provides an extended gamut with superior colour accuracy and archival level image stability.

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