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SoLux 4700K MR16 Colour Accurate Bulbs - Clearance

Only one bulb left - normally $35, now just $20. SoLux bulbs for correct colour temperature light in your work or print viewing area.

Single Pack - 50 Watts (sku: LS_18003) $20.00
SoLux 4700K MR16 Colour Accurate Bulbs - Clearance Master Image
Solux Bulb Packaging 2
SoLux 4700K MR16 Colour Accurate Bulbs - Clearance Master Image SoLux 4700K MR16 Colour Accurate Bulbs - Clearance Image


These lights are, quite simply, the best lights in the world for the display of your photographs.

SoLux lights have a colour temperature and spectral output that is closest to the reference standard for lighting used in colour management systems today. Their CRI (Colour Rendering Index) is above 99 (with 100 being a theoretical 'perfect' maximum).

They are also the best lights for your work area, or print viewing area, as they're the closes match currently available to D50 lighting, so they make the whole process of colour management easier and more accurate.

You can see a comparison diagram comparing Solux lights to the spectral characteristic of the D50 Reference and the light source in a GTI print viewing booth (which uses a fluorescent light source - you can see the odd spiky behaviour clearly).


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  • Bulb Fitting
    MR16 (Gu5.3)
  • Colour Temperature

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