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Eizo EX3 Sensor

[IS sku: HEA_EX3]
$205 RRP $220  (Save $15!)

Eizo's very own monitor calibrator - a simple and easy way to calibrate ColorEdge monitors.

Free Custom Printer Profile With This Monitor Calibrator!
Eizo EX3 Sensor Master Image
Eizo EX3 Sensor Master Image


The EX3 sensor is the successor to the EX2 and can (only) be used with EIZO’s ColorNavigator calibration software and all CS, CX and CG EIZO monitors. 

With ColorNavigator, preset target values for photography, print, and web design are included for individual users looking for a simple way to calibrate ColorEdge monitors. Experienced users can set their own target values for brightness, gamma, and white point, and generate an ICC profile.

See specifications for compatible models here.

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You will get:

  • EX3 Monitor Calibrator


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