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Designed and Made in Taiwan by BenQ

BenQ Screenbar Halo Lamp


BenQ's upgraded screenbar lamp gives all-around, fully adjustable control of your lighting environment with it's new bias backlight feature.

Ships free to most locations! See notes.
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  • Webcam Accessory for BenQ ScreenBar Halo Lamp
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    Webcam Accessory
  • Description

    ScreenBar Halo: the perfect solution to your working/lighting experience.

    ScreenBar Halo is an upgraded immersive lighting experience, specially-designed to balance lighting intuitively by adding back light mode to further reduce glare. The wireless controller saves valuable space and grants you the ultimate comfort switching from different brightness and colour temperature levels. Flat, curved, thin monitors, you name it. Halo works perfectly with nearly any monitor.

    • Asymmetric optical design only illuminates the desk without causing screen reflection.
    • With the new Back Light feature, ScreenBar Halo perfectly balances the contrast between the monitor and your surroundings.
    • Wireless controller saves valuable space and allows you to adjust brightness and colour temperature levels over 100 stepless levels for work and leisure.
    • With the patented clip and an accessory to adjust, ScreenBar Halo also fits the majority of curved monitors between 1000-1800R.
    • Smart ambient light sensors allows ScreenBar Halo to ensure a minimum of 500 lux illuminance

    Front and Back Light
    Front and Back Light: Screenbar Halo has an asymmetrical optical design that only illuminates the desk without causing screen reflection. The Back Light eliminates the contrast between the monitor and the surrounding.

    • Flicker reduction
    • Asymmetrical optical design illuminates the desk and doesn’t reflect on the screen.
    • Patented design to reflect light+ 16.5° Inclined translucent lens
    • Light-absorbing cotton dimming structure design - evenly illuminates a large area with a soft and calming light
    • The brightness and colour temperature of the front and back light can be adjusted incrementally

    Monitor Light Upgraded

    • Stepless brightness level and colour temperature
    • 3 eye care light models (front/back/both)
    • Smart real-time dimming detection
    • 2.4 GHz RF wireless remote control
    • 0.7~6.0cm thick monitor bezel compatibility
    • 35° Adjustable lamp head angle

    Built In Ambient Light Sensor
    Intelligently adjusts to 500 lux brightness level according to the surrounding environment.

    Intelligent Wireless Controller With One Touch

    • Tap to change light mode
    • Optical tracking sensor
    • Simply rotate to adjust brightness and colour temperature
    • Industrial quality bearings

    Space Saving
    Mount ScreenBar Halo to most monitors and save your valuable space. Wireless controller keeps your workspace clean and neat, featuring customizable lighting for various scenarios with stepless brightness and colour temperature levels.

      Compatible with Curved Monitors
      With the patented clip and an accessory to adjust, you can mount ScreenBar Halo to majority of curved monitors.

      Wide-Area and Precise Lighting
      Halo lights up your entire workspace, ensuring a minimum of 500 lux illuminance within the maximum lighting range of 27.5 in x 16.5 in. It is also equipped with an ambient light sensor that promptly detects the environment and supplements it with just the right light.


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      • Max. Illuminance
        800 lux
        In centre, measured at 45cm. Can auto adjust luminance to 500 lux based on ambient conditions, also offers manual dimming.
      • Color Rendering Index
        2700K: Ra>95
        6500K: Ra>95
        Accuracy of colour rendering across the visible spectrum. Figures over 80 are good for general purpose print assessment work.
      • Colour Temperature
        Stepless, 2,700~6,500K
        100 colour temperature levels between 2700K and 6500K (ANSI White 8 quadrangle colour standards)
      • Power
        5V, 1.3A USB Port
        6.5w max use
      • Fits Bezel Width
        0.7 - 6.0 cm
        Can also be fitted to a curved monitor screen (1000R - 1800R) at 1.6 - 4.2 cm bezel width.
      • Dimensions & Weight
        Light Bar: 50cm x 9.47cm x 9.71cm
        Controller: 7.4cm x 7.4cm x 3.8cm
      • Net Weight
        1.6 kg
      • Full Specs.

      In The Box

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      You will get:

      • BenQ WiT Screenbar Halo lamp
      • Desktop controller
      • USB Cord for power supply


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      BenQ Official ScreenBar Halo Product Video

      BenQ Screenbar Instruction Video

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