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First up, a quick note - if you've noticed our film scanning services were temporarily closed, rest easy as our Flextight 949 is being repaired right now, and will be back with us in a few days, good as new. You can go ahead and submit your scanning orders & send in your film.

This month, we've got a fantastic sale on Hahnemühle's newest sustainable eco-papers, Hemp and Agave, and some excellent new Knowledge Base articles from Jeremy and Cam.

Our March Featured Artist is Qing Zhang of Choose Arts, who specialises in wonderfully fluid watercolour portraits of native birds and animals.

As ever, thanks for reading!

- The Image Science team.

Hahnemühle Hemp and Agave Paper Sale!

For a limited time only, buy any box or roll of Hahnemühle Agave and Hemp paper and get 15% off!

These vegan, earth-friendly papers are the newest addition to Hahnemühle's Natural Line range and are produced using some of the most sustainable fibres available in the world. Now you can do your part for Mother Earth - with a whopping discount!

We really do suggest you consider using these papers - the world simply won't get greener if people don't start to preferentially buy products with better eco credentials. Hahnemühle are leading the field with these papers and we hope you'll support them as they lead the way.

It helps that the quality is just fabulous, too!

Hahnemühle Hemp 290gsm

A smooth, lightly textured environmentally friendly fine art paper created from sustainable hemp fibres.


Hahnemühle Agave 290gsm

This sustainable, eco-friendly paper is made from Agave fibres, with a wonderfully warm tone and balanced surface texture.


Choosing a Paper for Your Next Print

Recently, Image Science director Jeremy Daalder conducted a webinar for a local camera club on choosing the right paper type for your next print.

This article is essentially a transcript of that webinar, edited for readability and is quite possibly the only comprehensive resource you'll ever need on choosing a paper! As an added bonus, for those who'd prefer to listen, we've added a recording of the webinar itself at the end of the article.

Choosing A Paper For Your Next Print

Many thoughts on choosing the perfect paper for your next print (transcript from a webinar).


 In The Frame 

Qing Zhang of Choose Arts

Qing is a Melbourne-based watercolor artist who uses traditional and modern brush techniques to create beautiful bird and animal portraits.


Practical Tips for File Naming

Let's face it - most of us are guilty of less-than-tidy file management, especially when in a rush to finish that last minute project - however, having an organised digital filing system in place can save you oodles of time and hassle down the track.

Our Services Manager Cam has put together a handy guide on best practice print file naming to improve your digital asset management and to make working with professional printers a smooth and easy experience.

Practical Tips for Print File Naming

A guide to naming your print files to improve digital asset management and work with professional printers such as Image Science.


See You Soon

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We're greatly looking forward to things getting completely back to normal & seeing you all, but realistically we'll be likely be working this way for some time to come.

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