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Unbelievably, given the bizarre limbo we've all been living through, it's about that time of year we start to turn our thoughts towards the impending festive season. Christmas during a pandemic looks quite different in terms of gift shopping - we foresee a dramatic increase in online shopping, so we recommend stocking up much earlier than usual to beat the rush and the inevitable delays on the already overloaded Australia Post network.

This month we're announcing some nice new products...see below! It's also not too late to get your free Hahnemühle Print Signing Pack by purchasing some of the gorgeous and environmentally friendly new Hemp and Agave papers.

Please do note - over the next couple of months, we may experience some slightly longer than normal service order processing times due to some staff leave and the extra challenges of this interminable pandemic. As ever we will do our best, but we do recommend factoring in at least a few extra days for the processing of your print and scanning orders.

In The Frame this month is the fascinating Tim Goschnick, an artist specialising in a unique brand of retro science fiction surrealism. We've also added cut-price monitor hoods and Solux colour-accurate light bulbs to our Clearance Page - get in quick before they're all gone!

As ever, thanks for reading!

- The Image Science team.

In Stock Now: Hahnemühle Photo Cards

Excellent for use as a pocket-sized portfolio or as postcards, Hahnemühle Photo Cards are an ideal solution for making elegant, small format reproductions of your work. Possible uses include wedding invitations, exhibition flyers, or a mini-archive of memorabilia. With Christmas coming quickly, these could be an excellent choice for making seasonal gift cards or even a personal photo album for family members and loved ones.

These unique, archival, rounded-edge cards are available in two classic Hahnemühle paper types and come neatly packaged inside a smart, embossed metal tin.

Hahnemühle FineArt Inkjet Photo Cards

These elegant inkjet photo cards are available in two classic Hahnemühle paper types and come inside in an attractive metal carry tin.


New! BenQ WiT Screenbar Plus Lamp

BenQ's nifty and space-saving Screenbar lamp is now available in a Plus version, with the addition of a user-friendly desktop control dial for making quick and easy adjustments to your light settings.

For just a fraction more of the price of the original Screenbar lamp, the external dial is a handy little feature which will effectively boost the efficiency of your creative workflow.

BenQ WiT Screenbar Plus Lamp

BenQ's eye-friendly, glare-free screenbar lamp now comes with a sleek desktop dial control panel for added usability and control.



Stock of Hahnemühle Bamboo & Torchon in A3

If you're a Hahnemühle Bamboo or Torchon aficionado, like we are, it's likely you're fed up with cutting down A2 sheets because of the lack of A3 stock availability.

Our great new Hahnemühle supplier has come through again, with stocks of the long missing A3 size booked on an incoming shipment with an expected arrival of mid December.

Pre-order yours now (before we're tempted to nab them all for our own services printing!)

Hahnemühle Bamboo 290gsm

Our favourite warmtone fine art paper - with rich & velvety tones. It's also highly eco-friendly making it pretty much perfect in our book!

A3 25 Sheet Box


Hahnemühle Torchon 285gsm

A heavier textured paper with a lovely organic look and crisp bright white appearance.

A3 25 Sheet Box


 In The Frame 

Tim Goschnick

Tim Goschnick is a Melbourne illustrator who combines his love of science fiction and retro psychedelic art to imagine surreal, utopian dream worlds.


Christmas Trading Hours

After a generally very tough and exhausting year, we're going to shut for a bit longer than usual this Christmas season. Australia Post turnaround times are also currently extremely unpredictable right now, so there's no telling what Christmas shipping turnaround times will look like this early in the game. So the best advice is to stock up on prints, paper, cards, and print packing materials significantly earlier than usual, to avoid disappointment. Put simply - that means you should try and get organised ASAP!

Christmas Trading Hours & Shipping Info 2020-2021

This holiday season we will be closed after Friday 18th December and will re-open on Monday 11th January.


The Never Ending Epson P906 Saga

Honestly it is hard to know what to say about this one - Epson have just been fabulously incompetent and wilfully obstructive with this new product launch, every step of the way.

We're going to be putting the latest updates and Epson excuses at the top of our blog about this, at least until significant stocks actually arrive and ship.

Epson P906 'Launch' Saga

Epson have been about as unhelpful as possible with the 'launch' of the new Epson P906...find the latest updates here.


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