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What a year!

Hard to believe it's already September. Here at Image Science, we've weathered the Stage 4 lockdown pretty well and continue to operate as usual, albeit in online (mail-order) only mode. We hope everyone is fairing well as we continue to navigate these unusual times.

This month, we have a variety of exciting new products - most notably the long-awaited new additions (Hemp and Agave) to Hahnemühle's sustainable ecologically friendly paper range. See below for details on these and some other great new products.

We've also got a great new knowledge base article on how to get started with print exhibitions (to get those creative minds of yours planning for post-pandemic art shows!), and In The Frame this time around is surrealist artist Chloe Shao.

(There's also still a bunch of cut-price goodies such as brand new inkjet papers and Epson inks available on our Clearance Page, so head on over now to grab a bargain on some high-quality, fine art products).

As ever, thanks for reading!

- The Image Science team.

New Hahnemühle Eco-Papers - Pre-Order Now!

The much anticipated new range of Hahnemühle highly sustainable inkjet papers are now available for pre-order through our website, with the new options of Hemp and Agave joining their already popular cousin, Bamboo. These papers are produced using significantly lower environmental resources than the existing cotton and wood pulp based options - which is great for the environment, which in turn doesn't hurt your print-sales marketing either - it's a win win!

These new papers are archival, gorgeous, and extremely versatile - the widened range now includes a variety of tones and textures, making it easier than ever before to do your part for Mother Earth. Pre-order yourself a Hahnemühle New Range Sample Pack to test these beautiful new environmentally friendly papers out.


For a limited time only - buy any box/roll of Hahnemühle Hemp AND any box/roll of Hahnemühle Agave, and receive a free limited release Hahnemühle print signing pen set! See here for details (and n.b. - sample pack purchases don't qualify, sorry!!).

Natural Line Papers - Pre-Order Now - Stock Arriving Mid September

(Although, fair warning, given the general chaos with international freight, and the industrial action (really?!) at the NSW ports, it's not impossible this might slip by a few days - all dates at the moment are subject to change at the mercies of many factors out of our control!).

Hahnemühle Natural Line Sample Pack

Hahnemühle Sample pack containing 3 papers from the Natural Line range. Eco-friendly papers created from sustainable fibres - awesome!



Hahnemühle Hemp 290gsm

A smooth, lightly textured environmentally friendly fine art paper created from sustainable hemp fibres.


Hahnemühle Agave 290gsm

This sustainable, eco-friendly paper is made from Agave fibres, with a wonderfully warm tone and balanced surface texture.


New! Ilford Glassine Interleaving Sheets

Ilford Glassine archival interleaving sheets are the perfect option for safely storing and protecting your fine-art quality prints from air, grease and moisture.

The extremely smooth, frictionless surface prevents scratching of the sensitive surface area of inkjet prints and actively reduces yellowing and discolouration over time.

Available Now!

Ilford Galerie Fine Art Glassine 50gsm

Acid free non-printable interleaving sheets - impervious to water and air, suitable for protecting and storing your fine art prints.


Coming Soon: Hahnemühle Platinum Rag

Soon to be available at Image Science is Hahnemühle Platinum Rag, a paper that has taken the traditional processes and screen printing communities in Europe and the US by storm in recent times.

** To be clear, this is NOT an inkjet paper! **

Rather, this is an uncoated fine art paper designed especially for non-traditional photographic printing processes like Platinum/Palladium, Van Dyke, Cyanotype, Salt and Silkscreen Prints.

Apart from achieving some really unique, gorgeous results, Platinum photographic prints are extremely durable and will last as long as the paper they're printed on, while adding extra dimension and tonality to your work. Try some today and see what beautiful effects you can achieve!

(If you're interested in learning more about alternative processes a fantastic resource is of course Gold Street Studios).

Pre-order yours now - limited stocks available from mid September.

Hahnemühle Platinum Rag 300gsm

An uncoated, 100% cotton fine-art paper used for platinum, screen & other non-traditional printing processes (N.B. *not* an inkjet paper!).


Knowledge Base: Get Started With Print Exhibitions

We know that art exhibitions sadly feel like a distant memory at the moment - especially in our home state of Victoria! - but we've also seen that staying indoors has been ideal for tackling those creative projects you didn't have time for pre-pandemic. If you now find yourself with the unexpected luxury of time, why not start planning your future exhibition with this comprehensive guide to getting started with print shows, brought to you by our Services Manager and seasoned photographer and exhibitor Cameron Cope.

Read the full article.

Cam Cope Covid-19 Starship Flemington Fundraiser

August saw us sponsoring our Services Manager Cam's print fundraiser helping Victorians in need during Covid-19, with the proceeds of prints sold donated to Moving Feast's food security program, an initiative providing food relief that is nutritional, halal and culturally appropriate for vulnerable Victorians. Two images of Cam's personal film work from his Starship Flemington and Flemington Bridge series are available as open edition prints as part of this great initiative.

Head to Cam's website now to buy one of these beautiful pieces.

 In The Frame 

Chloe Shao

Originally hailing from Nanjing, China, Chloe Shao is a Melbourne based digital illustrator specializing in dark surrealism. Chloe combines anatomical and botanical imagery in dreamlike settings to create illustrations that are at times bizarre and uncomfortable, yet fascinatingly detailed and beautifully rendered.


See You Soon!

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