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Welcome to our new-look newsletter! We used those quiet weeks in March to implement a new system that integrates much better with our existing website content. We hope you like it.

This time around, we've got the usual mix of updates and interesting new products - from new 4K monitors from Eizo and BenQ, to some information on what has been going on with Hahnemühle lately (and some good news in that department!).

As ever, thanks for reading!

- The Image Science team.

Introducing the Eizo CS2740 27" 4K Monitor

For years now we've been getting regular enquiries about Eizo-quality 4K options.

To date some good and affordable options have appeared from BenQ (notably the SW271 and SW321C), and also some absolutely top quality (but also top dollar) options exist, like the Eizo CG319X.

But for many, none of these have quite hit the mark for those looking for that extra Eizo quality, whilst still having a relatively affordable price tag.

Well, today I am sitting in front of just such a razor sharp, stunningly accurate, nicely uniform monitor - at long last. The Eizo CS2740 is their stunning new 4k option. 4k in the 27 inch form factor is just about the perfect balance, and with Eizo finesse, and a sub $3000 price tag, this one is bound to be a big success for Eizo.

Add in the option of simple 'one-cable does it all' USB-C hook-up (including 60W charging support back to your laptop), and Eizo's simply unsurpassed 5 year warranty - plus Image Science's lifetime support - and you have a monitor that will suit many creative users just perfectly.

Available Now.

Eizo ColorEdge CS2740 27" 4K Monitor

At last a relatively affordable Eizo ColorEdge class monitor in pin-sharp 4k! This is the one many of us have been waiting for!!

$2,460RRP $3,135   (Save $675!)


Coming 'Soon' - Epson P906 & P706 Inkjet Printers

The next generation of inkjet printers from Epson is soon to be available in the form of the Epson P906 and P706. (These printers will be known as the Epson P700 and P900 in other markets).

'Soon' here is a bit imprecise still - we're told late June/early July, but we've not got an actual confirmed date yet...however we're expecting this imminently. It looks like the price will be $1295 for the P706, and $1995 for the P906 (and of course we'll be offering our usual two free custom ICC profiles with each, so that you can print with magnificent, accurate colour, and saving you $100). Despite the difficult economy, this is very similar to the launch pricing of previous models. Do note, though, that all the pricing (printers, inks, and accessories) - is all still preliminary at this point.

Both models feature significant improvements over their predecessors. Most notable is both of these printers have both blacks loaded and no ink switching is required to change between photo and matte printing. This is a long overdue 'innovation', but, still - huzzah!

There are the usual general improvements to print quality and paper handling - including yet deeper blacks on photo media, and an ever widening gamut (+6%, Epson say). Both units are much nicer looking and smaller - the P900 in particular is notably so, being some 30% smaller than the P800! The P900 ink tanks are now 50ml instead of 80ml (allaying the fears of less frequent users, as there is much less risk of ink expiring before you an use it all). In keeping with earlier models, the P906 looks to be a lot cheaper to run, though, as the 50ml inks are only a little dearer than the 25ml P706 inks - so once again, the obvious choice will be the A2 model for most people planning to do anything more than very light volumes.

In all - these look to be the obvious models for home and small studio use going forward. Note that we're still confirming information about accessories and extended warranties.

Given there is no precise date yet, we're not quite yet taking pre-orders, but please use our Ask a Question feature to register your interest and we'll pop you on our waiting list so that when we do have more information, you'll be the first to know, and be able to reserve yours!

Epson SureColor P906 A2 Inkjet Printer

A compact A2 inkjet printer capable of producing outstanding exhibition-grade prints from the convenience of your studio desktop.



Epson SureColor P706 A3+ Inkjet Printer

An affordable, high quality and sleekly designed A3+ home-studio printer for creative professionals.



The State of Play with Hahnemühle in Australia

Been frustrated by the lack of Hahnemühle stock lately? Bewildered by the sudden price rise you may have seen for the first few days of June (which we've already changed back...).

Us too. The local importer has handled things as poorly as we have ever seen any company handle anything in our 20 years in the industry.

Fortunately, things are changing for the better. Rather than repeat ourselves, read our recent blog on this.

BenQ Webinar - Calibration for Photography & Print

Jeremy is running a webinar with BenQ on Thursday the 11th of June at 6:30pm AEST.

This approximately one hour webinar will cover calibration of BenQ SW monitors using Palette Master Elements for general photography, and for fine art printing - the process, and key differences between those contexts. This webinar will be quite informal, with questions along the way encouraged. We'll be using a BenQ SW321C and an i1Display Pro, with Palette Master Elements.

Register here.

BenQ SW321C Evaluation & Stock Delays

Recently, we published an evaluation of the new BenQ SW321C.

The gist is that it is (very!) big and beautiful. If you're showing off your work to clients, for example, the extra size can really help increase the WOW factor (...and thus your print sales!). For those desiring a very large screen, with high colour accuracy, this is now the obvious choice.

BenQ SW321C Evaluation

BenQ's new 32" model with better uniformity and a charging USB-C input, but also a distinctly higher price tag - is it justified?


Unfortunately, due to extreme weather conditions last week, over 40 shipping containers were lost overboard on the cargo ship APL England whilst on the way to Melbourne from China - resulting in a distressing amount of debris washing up on Sydney's beaches. You may have seen this on the news!

As luck would have it, this particular ship has our BenQ SW321C and BenQ WiT lamp stock - which we were expecting to make available very shortly. Fortunately, the BenQ stock was NOT lost to the deep deep blue! The ship has docked at Brisbane for repairs, and thus the stock will be on it's way in just a week or two, with an estimated arrival time at Melbourne docks around mid June.

If you have a back order with us, please note the new due date. And if not, feel free to pre-order now!

 In The Frame 

Tank Art

Andrew Donaldson is Tank Art, an artist, sculptor and designer who works across a wide variety of mediums. Tank works out of Shepparton, Victoria, where many of his public sculptures and murals can be viewed around the township.


See You Soon!

Well that's it for this month.

As always, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch.

We hope that you and yours are safe and well, and thanks for keeping us so busy with all your orders and gorgeous print jobs over the last few months. It's been a difficult time, for all of us, that's for sure, but it has been wonderful to see the creative community pulling together and mutually supporting each other.

We are truly lucky.

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We're still not open for in-store demos and consultations, but otherwise we're definitely open and working every day. If you need advice, please call us. If you need to drop off or pick up anything, you can specify this in your online order as normal and we'll let you know when the order is ready. Then just give us a call when you're outside our building and we'll come out to meet you.

Assuming Coronavirus restrictions continue to ease, we're hoping that by the time the next newsletter rolls around we'll be fully back to normal. We've missed your smiling faces!

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