Please read our latest COVID info.
Short version - visits by appointment allowed (with masks & check-in), but please use phone/email, if you can.

COVID 19 Information

17th May 2021

COVID Upates from Image Science

(Latest update: June 11th 2021)

Placing Orders

Please order online if at all possible  (yes, even if you want to pick up your order  - you can choose pick-up at the shipping stage of checkout).

This greatly speeds our processing (yay for computers!) - as our online system is much nicer to work with than entering orders directly into our accounting system.

Collecting Orders

If you have chosen the pick-up option for your order, and once you've been notified your order is ready, you can then come any time we're open, but please call us from outside the building, and we'll bring your order out to you.

This way we don't have to worry about QR check-ins and the like for simple pick ups.

Office Visits

For Consultations / Product Demos / any visitors coming in to the office:

You must make an appointment in advance, rather than just drop by.  Here are our contact details.

As per the legal requirements:

You will be required to wear a mask and check in
, using a Vic. Government QR code.
If you can't check in via QR, or are unwilling, we will require your full name and phone number to be provided for our records.