Please note: Visits by appointment only - please order online for delivery, or external click and collect. Our full Covid info here.

COVID 19 Information

12th January 2022

Summary of our current approach/rules  (Updated: June 2022)

  • We're open and (still) working primarily through external click and collect, i.e. pick-ups and drop-offs  (no need to make an appointment).
    Come when we're open, and call us from outside our building and we'll come out to you.
  • In-store consultations/demos are available, but only if really necessary, and only with a prior appointment - please contact us.
    We can also help you over the phone or arrange a video chat.
  • We do not process over the counter sales - you must order online, in advance and wait to be notified your order is ready to collect.

We're a very small business and thus very vulnerable to a Covid related event. 

We had two absolutely shocking months full of staff absences through April and May, and we are thus operating in a very cautious way to minimise traffic through the office, and have the best chance of being able to continue to our business with the least interruption, and with the highest safety for our staff.

Placing Orders

Please place all orders online (yes, even if you want to pick up your order  - you can choose pick-up at the shipping stage of checkout). 

This greatly speeds our processing (yay for computers!) - as our online system is much nicer to work with than entering orders directly into our accounting system.

Drop Offs / Collecting Orders

If you have chosen the pick-up option for your order, and once you've been notified your order is ready, you can then come any time we're open, but please call us from outside the building, and we'll bring your order out to you.

Consultations / Demos On Site

For Consultations / Product Demos / any visitors coming in to the office:

You must make an appointment in advance, rather than just drop by.  Here are our contact details

Note, we will only allow an appointment for a consultation if it is truly necessary - we'll continue to handle as much as possible by phone etc. by preference and for the safety of our staff.  We've been able to carry on our business very effectively this way for the last 18 months and until Covid/Flu numbers drop very significantly, we're going to continue with a very cautious approach.