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The Most Accurate Light for Colour

SoLux’s wide range of critical applications is testament to its unmatched color consistency and quality. SoLux has eight times the life and twice the efficiency of standard incandescent sources, does not contain the mercury found in fluorescent lights sources, and is a fraction of the cost of LED sources.

Solux bulbs are simply the best match to natural daylight available in a light bulb. Their bulbs are also the closest match to the reference light source used in all colour management, known as D50.

If you want your prints to match your soft proof, you should be looking at them under SoLux.

SoLux is used by many of the world's top museums including the Musée d'Orsay, Van Gogh Museum, and Guggenheim Museum

SoLux Support Details

As with all products purchased from Image Science, we are able to offer lifetime support - so if you have any issues or technical enquires please feel free to contact us.

For support directly through SoLux please find the contacts details listed below.