JUST Normlicht


The most accurate, stable, cost effective and highest performance colour critical lighting is now offered by the world’s leading precision viewing light manufacturer, JUST Normlicht.  JUST Normlicht manufacture our D50 JUST Daylight Fluorescent Prographic Tubes, which are the top end choice for colour proofing in the fine and graphic arts.  

JUST Normlicht Support Detalis

As with all products purchased from Image Science, we are able to offer lifetime support - so if you have any issues or technical enquires please feel free to contact us.

For support directly through JUST Normlicht please find the contacts details listed below.

JUST Daylight 5000 ProGraphic Fluorescent Tubes
Fluorescent tubes of very high quality - use for colour proofing or to dramatically improve your general lighting.
N.B. Item can't be shipped & needs to be picked up from Image Science.
Fluorescent Tubes are only available for pick up from our Melbourne office. Must be pre-ordered.
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