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Tagged: Illustration

Sarah Hardy is a Melbourne based illustrator creating whimsical drawings for children's books as well as limited edition prints.
19 Oct., 2016

Angie is a freelance illustrator that also runs her own boutique-style fashion illustration classes.
01 Mar., 2016

A talented Melbourne based visual artist that draws inspiration from 70's and 80's sci-fi book covers.
08 Feb., 2016

Amy is a visual artist who uses a combination of intricate pencil detail and collage to create her whimsical little animal illustrations.
29 May, 2015

Kim Buck is a Melbourne Based Visual Artist who creates incredible photo-realistic sketches
04 Feb., 2015

Andrew Marlton (First Dog on the Moon) is the resident cartoonist at The Guardian newspaper.
03 Nov., 2014

Alexander Stitt is one of Australias most beloved artists, best know for best known for the beloved Norm from the ‘Life. Be in it’ campaign.
07 Oct., 2014

Rachel Urquhart, an illustrator based in Melbourne that specialises in clean-line ink illustrations
02 Jun., 2014

Supporting and celebrating contemporary Australian artists working on or with paper.
23 May, 2014

Illustrators and writers come together for this exhibition telling stories and legends of the mountains.
15 May, 2014